Rubik, Paper Route, and mewithoutYou at The Door 6/16/10

This was a last minute concert. I only found out about it the night before. I am a HUGE Paper Route fan. I knew they were playing in Austin, TX on the 15th, but I just visited their myspace page and happened to see that they were playing in Dallas the following night. Paper Route was the second band, with Rubik opening and mewithoutYou being main/final act.

The venue for this show was The Door, which I erroneously referred to most of the night as The Box. It is a small venue with all of the walls and ceilings painted black. The Door reminds me of the smaller venues that are common in college towns. It’s safe to say that The Door does not bring in any large bands due to their size. Drinks are overpriced as every venue is. They used an MLK stamp for your hand, which was unique.

Rubik is a band that I have never heard of before, let alone one of their songs. The band members are kind of an eclectic bunch. There were eight guys up on stage for the show. That is pretty impressive for a small stage. They went beyond your normal instruments you see at shows–trombones, clarinets, and some other hand held instruments that I could not make out from my vantage point. I recorded part of one of their songs, “Goji Berries,” just because it was making me laugh. I have no clue what they were saying in the funny part, so do not ask. The best song they did and the one that impressed me the most was “Wasteland.” I don’t know what made it stand out from the others, but I really enjoyed the tune. It always helps me get into a song if the band is really feeling it while they are playing also. I wish I had recorded that song. Take a listen to their sound on Myspace or iTunes. I just found out they are Finnish.

Paper Route is everything a live band should be. A Youtube user commented on my Paper Route video from this show saying that it is not just a concert, it’s an experience. That pretty much sums up their concerts. I saw them live last year when they opened for Paramore at the Uptown in KC. This set at The Door was shorter and different because they were just doing a couple of dates with mewithoutYou, not a whole tour. Paper Route did not have the lights and the atmosphere that came with the show at the Uptown. Being able to see them in such a small venue was nice because I was able to get closer to the stage. The set list was “American Clouds, Wish, Are We All Forgotten, Carousel, Enemy Among Us, You Kill Me, Tennessee, and Gutter.” Two of the songs are from their first EP, and “Tennessee” is a song they recently wrote and performed to benefit the flood victims of Nashville. You can download and donate for the song on their Myspace page. I was able to meet two band members, JT and Andy, in KC, but I got to meet Chad in Dallas. I really love these guys. The video below is of their performance of “Gutter.”

I have heard of mewithoutYou before, but not really heard any of their songs. I was told by a friend beforehand that they were like Kings of Leon. Based on that, I was optimistic about what I would hear. Well, they were disappointing. They had quite a good crowd of fans there to see them, and some of them were very exuberant about their enthusiasm for them. I don’t think I have seen an alternative-esque hoedown before, but one was happening right before my very eyes. I generally do not like bands that have a singer who cannot really sing live or even sing. There was talking, shouting, and screaming, but no clear, good singing. This was a complete contrast to the other two bands of the night. It was not just me. There were other people who were there to see other bands or were just out to see a random live show. They had the same look on their faces that I had on mine. The lyrics of the songs were odd. The highlight of the night had to be hearing “the alfalfa doesn’t taste like much” and “no more Timothy hay.” As a zookeeper, I kind of perk up when I hear those phrases uttered in a song, especially when the Timothy hay line is yelled over and over again. This band definitely has its audience. It’s just not me.

I give this show 3 “Timothy hay bales” out of 5.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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