DVD Review: Our Family Wedding

When Our Family Wedding hit theatres, somehow I missed it (enter sarcasm here). The DVD hits stores today and because Lost In Reviews didn’t review the film, I will give a quick rundown and then what added features are included on the DVD.

Our Family Wedding stars America Ferrera, Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia and Lance Gross. Lucia Ramirez (Ferrera) and Marcus Boyd (Gross) are in love and plan a weekend to come home from college and tell their parents of their encroaching marriage. The problem is their parents are keen to disapprove of the marriage before ever getting to know the other side. There are the obvious race issues with African American vs Mexican which provide for some humor. Then there is a mishap in which the two fathers meet under a car toeing and are already butting heads before the couple are introduced.

I finally understood why the film was called Our Family Wedding and not just our wedding or something under those lines. There was a large portion of the film dedicated to the bride and groom-to-be whispering to themselves, “Our Marriage, Their Wedding” meaning they get to enjoy the marriage that comes after, but your parents are the ones to enjoy the wedding. This made sense to me since I have been married too. I saw that glint in my Mom’s eyes when there was something she wanted in the wedding that I wasn’t fond of. I worked with the situation to try to please my whole family. Most of the humor came from the family and the arguments they had over the pending wedding.

When it comes to the comedy in the film, it’s mediocre at best. I’m not a fan of Carlos Mencia and was not looking forward to watching him, however, he was pretty funny at times. I’m not saying that he made the movie by any means, but it was tolerable. America Ferrera was cute, as always, and she was enjoyable as the bride.

So, there is a little wrap up of the film, and now that it’s on DVD it’s just no better. The only features included are some deleted scenes and a few outtakes, nothing spectacular. The deleted scenes are always kind of a let down on DVD because it makes it obvious why it was taken out of the film. The outtakes were okay, I laughed once or twice, but they are nothing worth renting the film for.

So, the overall vote on this film is simple: rent the film to watch it once. There is nothing worth owning on this DVD and if you are not a fan of the romantic comedy subject and/or Carlos Mencia, you should skip this film altogether. I give the film a RENT IT.

by Angela Davis

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