Lost in Previews: The Social Network Theatrical Trailer

We have had two teasers for The Social Network (Teaser 1 and Teaser 2), and we finally get our first theatrical trailer.  When you first start to watch the trailer, it may appear to be another wonderfully crafted teaser, but we then get to see actual scenes from the movie.  There is great music playing throughout the trailer.  Whoever David Fincher is getting to make these trailers, they/he/she/it (maybe it’s Fincher himself) is brilliant.

The Social Network is based on the rise of the Facebook phenomenon.  David Fincher directs the film with Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.  Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield (the new Spiderman), Rashida Jones, and Max Minghella also star.  The Social Network is in theatres October 1, 2010.

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