Where is KC’s Chicken’n Waffles?!

Who would have guessed that my favorite memory from our trip to California would not have been the beach?  Who could have possibly guessed that the beach would have come in second to a restaurant serving chicken and waffles?  Not me, that’s for sure.  Now that I’ve been to Roscoe’s House of Chicken’n Waffles, I can’t help but pray that we get something like this out here in KC!

OK, I know what you’re thinking.  Fried chicken…syrupy waffles….sounds gross, right?  Let me tell you, you are so wrong.  Never in my life have I had something as tasty and interesting as that.  A savory bite of fried chicken on a hunk of sweet and syrupy waffle = Pure Heaven.

Roscoe’s was brought from Harlem to Los Angeles back in the 1970’s and became an instant hit.  It was one of the first all-night take-out restaurants in the area.  On top of that, the whole menu is full of home comfort food that’s good enough to stand up to your mama’s cooking.  That’s right, I’ll say it again.  Roscoe’s makes you want to throw rocks at your mom’s cookin’!  The fried chicken is crispy, juicy, and the meat is very tender.  The batter is a secret mix that has a distinct and savory taste that isn’t overpowering, and compliments the chicken quite well.  The waffles are light and fluffy, but ultimately filling.  They are served up with a generous pat of butter and sides of warm maple syrup.  Are you drooling yet?

Roscoe’s isn’t just the master of fried chicken and waffles.  They are famous for many of the other wonderful items on their menu, including: mac and cheese, greens, hot water cornbread, and red beans and rice.

We went to the west LA location on an early Monday afternoon and the place wasn’t packed, but it was definitely busy.  We had a cheerful parking attendant help us back into our parking space, and as soon as we got out of the car, we could smell all the wonderful goodness coming from the kitchen.  The attendant warned us that we’d better be hungry if we’re eating at Roscoe’s, and thank goodness we were!  The building was nothing fancy; it was about the size of a fast food joint, but the interior was nice.  There were large wood tables filling the room and lining the walls, each with an abundance of condiments including plenty of hot sauce.  A pleasant waitress took our order and promptly brought our drinks, giving us time to look over the autographed pictures that covered the walls featuring famous Roscoe’s visitors — we’re talkin’ Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Larry King, and David Beckham to name a few.

We ordered the #1 and #2, or Scoe’s as the menu calls it.  Scoe’s features 1/4 of a chicken (white or dark meat), either southern fried or smothered in gravy and onions, and two of the tastiest waffles a restaurant can make.  I had it southern style and Blake had it with the gravy.  Scoe’s may not sound like much bang for your buck at $10.20 , but we were barely able to finish our meals, let alone our sides of cornbread and greens.

Roscoe’s is a little on the pricey side, with 2 eggs, toast, and a coffee being one of the cheapest meals at $4.90, and Herb’s Special (1/2 chicken with gravy and onions, and 2 waffles) being the most expensive ringing in at $15.45.  You can decide for yourself what you think of the menu here.  But take it from someone who stepped into that fragrant dining room with no preconceived notions; it’s worth it, even if it’s just a one time thing (and after eating there, I doubt it will be).  Blake had a hard time describing how much he enjoyed the food.  All he could manage was, “Roscoe’s has changed my f*ckin’ life!”

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are dying for a home cooked meal with out all the effort, be sure to stop by Roscoe’s House of Chicken’n Waffles to get your fix.  As for the rest of us, all we can do is sit and pray that Roscoe’s branches out to our neck of the woods.

I give Roscoe’s 5 “please please please come to KC!” out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards Hite


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