Must See TV: The Bridge & The Glades

I never had any intention of doing a write up on The Bridge.  First of all contrary to my most recent write ups I am not a huge fan of cop shows.  I have nothing against them per say, I just don’t find them to be all that entertaining.  Well no that’s not true.  I do have a sick tendency to watch CSI:NY, but I don’t cover the show and I don’t write about it.  Second of all when I had first heard about the new joint venture between CTV and CBS the only reason I wanted to check it out in the first place is that I have an over the moon crush on the “Chief” or for you non-BSG fans, Aaron Douglas.  Third of all, if it hadn’t been for the fact that my plans fell through on Saturday night I never would have seen the premiere episodes and probably would have forgotten all about it.

So those were my reasons for not wanting to do a review and they are all perfectly good and acceptable reasons.  Except that about 40 minutes into the first episode something happened to make all those reasons moot.  I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Whether it was the way Aaron sucked you into his scenes with his honest portrayal or that each and every other character on the show didn’t appear to step right out of a magazine cover story.  The Bridge wasn’t a show about cops being superheroes for the sake of being super, no it was a show about police officers being human; the good and the bad.

The Glades on the other hand didn’t have anything going for it except for the fact that it is a new show and my job is to watch and review the new show.  Well not every new show, but it’s summer time and pickings are slim.  So needless to say if it were say fall, I seriously doubt this show would have even graced my radar screen.  Especially considering the fact that it is being aired on A&E which is not known for it’s stellar programming choices.  Not that I have anything against Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels (anyone else go “Eww” after reading that?) because I don’t.  Of course I have never seen the show, but the title alone tells me more than I ever wanted to know.  But thanks to a slow DVR schedule I didn’t have anything else to watch, so I figured “Why not?”

If you are thinking that The Glades is just another overly produced and acted procedural show, you would be mistaken.  I don’t know what it is like to solve a crime in the Everglades and it is highly doubtful I will ever find out, but scene for scene there wasn’t anything happening that I couldn’t see happening in real life.  But I admit, hands down, what I found to be the most refreshing aspect of the new show was that when we finally got to the final resolution I didn’t see it coming.  I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.  In this day and age to be caught off guard at the end is most definitely a reason to tune in again next week.  As with most shows, the acerbic lead character, Jim Longworth, has a would be, could be, should be love of his life waiting to cause the viewers to groan too many times at the “Will They or Won’t They” plot, but hey whatever.   The two of them don’t make me want to throw up or gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon at the thought of having to bear witness to their more than probable coupling.  Which is amazing considering that when Kiele Sanchez played Nikki Fernandez on Lost I wanted to watch her character die a slow and painful death.  No, the irony has not been lost on me.

For the first time this season I have 2 new shows that have me wanting to tune in for the next episode.  Color me happy.

I give both The Bridge & The Glades 4 Andy Sipowitzs out of 5.

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