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I am what you would call a fair weather King fan.  I have read a number of his books and the ones I read I loved, except for The Stand but that is another story.  On the other hand the number of books he has written that I haven’t read could fill a library and this library would include The Colorado Kid which is what the new SyFy show, Haven, is based off of.  So needless to say, I went into the premiere a new born baby with no reservations or expectations. It’s a good thing that I did too because I have a feeling that if I had read the book I would have ended up being disappointed instead of being pleasantly surprised by how much I didn’t hate it.   I am pretty sure I like it for the snarky attitude of the lead character, FBI Agent Audrey Parker, of course flying men, all encompassing fog, and crazy newspaper men help too.

From the first couple of minutes we are given the impression that AP is all about her work and not much else, aside from a fetish for teenage vampire novels.  From first glance you get the feeling that she’s an agent who will follow any road she has to in order to get to the truth.  She is sent to Haven, Maine in search of an escaped fugitive only to almost take a header off a cliff.  Luckily for her Detective Nathan Wournos comes along at just the right time to help rescue her from certain death; however, not before thinking she was going to die to Captain & Tennile’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  I admit I probably would have risked plunging over the side in order to changed the radio station myself.   During her investigation of the fugitive’s sudden and mysterious death, AP encounters freak hail storms, killer lightening, and a scruffy not quite honest Duke Crocker who serves coffee after washing her clothes.   I don’t drink coffee, but I wouldn’t mind having someone wash my laundry.  Well, no I don’t mind that part so much, they can just fold and put it away.

For every Mulder you need a Scully and for that we have Nathan Wournos, who even after all he has seen with his very own eyes refuses to believe that anything strange and supernatural is going on in his home town.  To that I say “Repeat much?”  Then to top it off they throw in DC as yet another foil.  I don’t know about anyone else but for me I can’t take round 3 of the great Dawson vs. Pacey debate.  What I don’t understand is why shows feel the need to throw what is obviously the makings of a triangle at us right out of the gate.  Why not build up to it or, well I don’t know, leaving it out entirely?  I must say that the obvious foreshadowing was the only part of the premiere that I didn’t enjoy.  In fact it took me away from the show entirely, because all I could think about was how sooner or later the show would be bogged down with “Will they or won’t they?”  and frankly I could care less.  Bring on the mysteries I say and leave out all the rest.

I give Haven 3 “Freak Tornadoes” out of 5.

by Mendie

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