Interview with ALO

Josh sat down and had a good long chat with the guys from ALO, Dan and Steve,  while passing through Kansas City on tour with Jack Johnson recently. They discuss all matters from where their sound was defined, to the meaning behind the name, ALO and even onto their thoughts with the environment and the Gulf Disaster right now. Check it out and check out their music on their MySpace, linked below.

ALO is not a band that dwells in the past. They are always moving forward. Always striving to discover new ideas. Always looking to go on new adventures. Their latest adventure, Man Of The World (available now on Brushfire Records), finds the Cali collective flexing their considerable creative powers to craft their finest album yet. Recorded almost entirely live, the 11-song collection is the sound of four players who have truly found their groove together. This is ALO at their most natural, their most organic and their most pure. Man Of The World is the next level for ALO.

Interview by Josh Davis


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