Blu Monday: Harry Brown’s Brothers and Sisters

Blu Monday for the week of August 31 was short and sweet. We will talk about Harry Brown on Blu-ray and Brothers and Sisters: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD.

Video Review Summary:

Harry Brown on Blu-Ray: Michael Caine stars in this action-packed story of a man who takes things into his own hands when his friend is killed and the law is no help. Ryan thought that this was an excellent story worth watching over and over again. Caine is at the peak of his career with Harry Brown and the direction was brilliant as well. Even with low lighting throughout much of the film, Director Daniel Barber uses inventive ways to illuminate a room. The sound is excellent as well on Blu-ray and most definitely worth checking out. As for the special features, they are not much to write home about. There are some funny deleted scenes in which a boom mic are visible. However, the best special feature is the commentary by Director Daniel Barber and Michael Caine. Caine is not only informative, but funny. Even if you just love listening to his accent, it’s worth a Buy It.

Brothers and Sisters: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD: As we stated in the video review, we hadn’t previously been watching this show, so we had to do a little research to get a feel for what the show is about. Essentially, the show centers around a wealthy family in California and all the drama that happens around the family’s adult siblings as well as the parents and children of those siblings. Interest peaked as soon as the cast list was revealed to Angela. With actors like Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe and Ron Rifkin you have to wonder how magnificent a script is to start that would attract such esteemed actors. However, once you really get into the bulk of the story, repetitive patterns from past seasons or other shows entirely start to show themselves. They keep the drama at a basic level and don’t try to punch a hole in the ceiling like Nip/Tuck did; trying to out-do themselves every season. They do need a little kick to the story at times though. This sort of drama is not really a favorite for Angela, but if you love shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives, this will fit nicely into your collection. The special features are not too impressive either with some deleted scenes and bloopers as usual, plus a little featurette about the cast and crew walking the Red Carpet being interviewed about the opening of Season Four. The best feature has to be the Off The Clock feature in which they show how this cast ends up spending so much time off set just doing charity work or running marathons together that it is obvious that even if the show got cancelled, this group would still have plans together. The show is endearing enough making you laugh and cry at times and being  well acted is worth a RENT IT.

by Ryan Davis and Angela Davis

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