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You should know by now that Lost In Reviews is a freak for all things LOST, so it was only fitting that we dedicate a whole week just to the release of LOST The Final Season (season six), available on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, August 24. Of course, you could pick it up at midnight at your local media store tonight! I will be telling you all about the Blu-ray edition.

The first thing you will notice about the package is how small it’s gotten compared to your other Blu-rays, season one through five. Well, you have to take into consideration that there was only sixteen episodes on the last season and many other seasons had 24 episodes. That shouldn’t really matter that much when it comes to the difference in these sizes though. I think it really just came down to using less plastic in the cases and condensing it for the good of the Earth. Although, it probably saved them a pretty penny too. I can’t help but admit that I’m a little bummed that my final season to my collection is almost invisible sitting next to the monstrosity that is the other five seasons.

The transfer onto Blu-ray is gorgeous, as usual with Blu-ray. The show was shown in HD on ABC and if you watched it that way, this looks better than that. The sound is better as well. The best part of all: no commercials. Each disc has a live menu of the characters or setting that is relevant to those three or four episodes. For example, the last disc only contains the final two hour episode plus special features and the live menu shows Jacob sitting around the fire with the final four candidates and they are barely moving but you know they are discussing the inevitable. You can not hear their discussion, but there are the sounds of nature surrounding them. It’s great.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff, the stuff we’ve all been waiting for: special features. The biggest news about the release to Blu-ray and DVD was the announcement of a twelve minute epilogue showcasing Ben and Hurley after they took over the island. It was a fantastic little Easter Egg for those vital questions that just couldn’t be answered in the finale. Things like where do the Dharma food drops come from? Why can’t women have babies on the island, or why is Walt special? Now, I’m not saying that the epilogue is twelve minutes of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse sitting and divulging the secrets of the universe, but you get the gist. It’s enough to satisfy those conspiracy urges that kept us going this whole time. Now, I wish the epilogue could have been longer, but it was bittersweet the way that Ben spoke to others in the epilogue as if he were speaking directly to the LOST audience. Telling an employee he, “may only ask one question, so make it count.”

After watching that, there are lots of other features that are great as well. There was a very emotional feature called THE END: Crafting a final season. This was a great way to see all the “little people” that helped make this show what it was one last time. People like Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis or Elizabeth Sarnoff telling their experience with the crew and what it was like forming the finale and distributing the scripts to the actors on red paper that cannot be photocopied and the overall secrecy that was held with “The End”. There is a really interesting twist here. They have directors from other iconic shows, The X-Files, The Shield, Hawaii Five-O or Will and Grace, talking about their shows coming to an end and the importance of leaving on your own terms as well as giving a deserving end to the show. This resonates well with what Damon and Carlton have said all along. The basic premise of this feature is just about filming THE END and there are plenty of tidbits with the actors talking about what was important to them with the show. My favorite bits are with Jorge Garcia because he is so funny and seems to say all the things that the audience are thinking. He also breaks my heart when they show him reading the final script for the first time in the privacy of his home. He begins to cry and I can’t take it. I loved it so much though, I watched it a second time.

A Hero’s Journey is also a really good look back at pieces of the show. “Darlton” (Damon and Carlton) talk to us about what makes a hero and how this was a show about sixteen heroes, not just one. They point out how everyone was a hero in different way. Hurley was just trying to make it to tomorrow and make everyone happy, where as people always felt safe with Kate around because of her ability to always pull out a gun and save her friends. There are all these quotes from philosopher Joseph Campbell relating to the theme of LOST. Each of these quotes help to introduce the sub-chapters of A Hero’s Journey. This segment gets me a little teary eyed, but reliving these heroic moments with the score tearing at the heart-strings will always work on me.¬† With all of these pieces with the creators and actors speaking to us about the show, it becomes obvious that Jack (Matthew Fox) does not like to say much. He is either extremely shy, or maybe having to hold the secrets of LOST for six seasons have shut him out from the world and he’s not quite sure how to be social anymore. Either way, I wish he would have said more on camera for us. He’s fun to look at.

See You In Another Life, Brotha speaks about the final season coming full circle and pointing out the similarities between the first season and the final one. The feature focuses on the Sideways Timeline, or as I liked to call them, the Alternate Universe. This is really where you are able to see the similarities between the flash sideways and the original flashbacks. This is a fun segment especially when people just joke around and talk about all the people that have come back from the dead to live in the sideways. There is also an awesome point made about the mirrors that were in the sideways. Us LOST dorks picked up on this as we were watching it, but it really solidifies the meanings behind each of the reflections from a few of the people experiencing them as well as the director’s point of view.

LOST On Location is a long feature that you will probably only watch once, honestly. It was fantastic, just not as fantastic as the other features on the disc. The feature focuses on some of the most awesome stunts that were captured on film and what went into making that scene so awesome. There was the difficult task of shooting Sawyer climbing down that scary ladder on the side of the cliff and to have the rope break and be saved by Locke. There was a stunt double to actually shoot the cliffs, but there were close shots on green screen of Sawyer himself. I really liked the part about the last scene of Jin and Sun in the submarine. They constructed an entire unit to flush water through, in which the actors and crew were all submerged in for hours to film this scene. There was a running joke that everyone was peeing in the water that everyone had to stand in all day. Great stuff.

There are also deleted scenes and bloopers which are okay. The deleted scenes don’t give you any more hints to the show, they only show that they tried revealing secrets before they did in the final season. The bloopers are not that funny and honestly, I thought there would be a lot more with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) mucking around and making others laugh. Mostly, it was people tripping over set pieces or messing up their lines.

On the first disc, you get a chance to see LOST in 8:15 – A Crash Course updated to include season five. For those in the know, this is a funny recap of everything you need to know about LOST from the pilot through to season five. Watch this, it’s always satisfying. Also on the first disc, is the commentary from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the season opener, LA X. Unfortunately, they only talk over the first hour and that is it. I’m serious, that is it. They say if you want secrets revealed on the mythology of the show, this is not it. I wasn’t expecting answers, but it was interesting hearing them talk about their motives for the season opener. The best part, however, was listening to these two sound like a married couple, which cracked me up. They are so funny and they are even finishing each other’s sentences. I would totally hang out with these two.

Last, but not least, there is an online feature called LOST University: A Master’s Program. This is like you’re going to college to learn what it takes to create a show like LOST. You need to have your Blu-ray hooked up to the internet and you will be able to see more into the philosophy and mythology about the show. Definitely worth checking out, but in order to finish the program you will only prove that you have way too much time on your hands.

Overall, when the finale was looming over our heads, I was so excited to see the end and quickly start the show all over again with all the answers intact. However, after seeing the finale and how final it was, I really didn’t have much desire to retread old territory just yet. I had to let it sink in and I became content with the ending. Now, after obtaining the final season on Blu-ray and watching all the special features that help you to relive some fantastic moments of the show, I am ready to be reunited with my Hawaiian Ohana and relive LOST all over again.

by Angela Davis

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