Blu Monday: A Cougarific Week

This week on Blu Monday, we take you through the pros and cons of The Last Song on Blu Ray, Cougar Town Season One on DVD, Ugly Betty The Fourth and Final season on DVD all available on Tuesday, August 17th and Ajami on Blu Ray available on Tuesday, August 24th.

Video Summary:

The Last Song (Blu Ray): With beautiful visuals and an enjoyable soundtrack minus the songs by Miley Cyrus, the story holds up to the previous Nicholas Sparks’ stories for a good film. The down side is that the star is Miley Cyrus and doesn’t seem to have a grasp on dramatic acting. The special features are fun, but nothing worth owning, so The Last Song receives a  RENT IT.

Cougar Town Season One (DVD): From the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, Cougar Town is an extension of that humor but starring Courtney Cox gives a very familiar feel of Friends. Jules is a forty something recently divorced woman on the “prowl” for some new love or just fun. The cast all interact brilliantly and the show is very funny and very re-watchable. The special features are about what you would expect from a TV series on DVD. There are some bloopers, deleted scenes, short piece with Bill Lawrence talking about creating the show. There is however a funny piece with Barb, the resident “Cougar” of the show doing her video blog where she answers viewers questions as naughty as she can manage. I wish there had been more with Bill Lawrence or Courtney Cox talking about the show, but I will hold out for season two, until then, BUY IT.

Ugly Betty The Fourth and Final Season (DVD): This is the final season of Ugly Betty and personally, I’m happy about it. I never enjoyed this show to begin with. There is terrible acting, terrible scripts and the worst clothing known to man. However, the picture looks good on DVD, very bright and clear and the special features are a bit heavier than normal for a TV show. There is the expected bloopers and deleted scenes, there is a bit with the characters running around the Bahamas while shooting one of the episodes there and there is commentary. The commentary is the one saving grace for this DVD. Hearing someone explain their motive for a show or movie is always a brilliant way to win me over. I wouldn’t suggest watching this show, but if you have already invested time in it or want to see how it ends, just RENT IT.

Ajami (Blu Ray): Nominated for Best Foreign Film last year, this one is not to be missed. The visuals and sound on this Blu-Ray are perfect and even though it is grainy at times, it only adds to the story. The special features are alright with most of it being cameras that followed around the crew during filming. However, this story is so amazing that it is worth owning,  BUY IT.

by Ryan Davis and Angela Davis

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