Warped Tour 2010: Dirty Little Rabbits

Josh sat down with Stella Katsoudas from Dirty Little Rabbits for a little one on one time after their set at Warped Tour. Dirty Little Rabbits may be most notably known for Shawn Crahan (Slipknot), but it’s Stella that brings the sound to the masses and gets the attention the band most certainly deserves.

Dirty Little Rabbits’ musical style is considerably different to Crahan’s most notable band Slipknot. Crahan explained in an interview in 2008 that he is an “alternative person in art and music” and that he didn’t grow up obsessed with metal. He went on to explain that other members of Slipknot are obsessed with metal and that he “went with it” because it was different to him and he could introduce something different to them. He describes Dirty Little Rabbits as the band he’s been waiting his whole life for. He made a particular point about the fact that they have a female singer and that he’s always wanted to be in a band with a female singer because he wants to “represent the whole world, male and female.

Interview by Josh Davis / Photos by Angela Davis

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