A FREE Screening and Overview of the KIFF’s 10th Anniversary Year

Kansas International Film Festival 2010
(September 15, 2010; Overland Park, Kansas)—Recently lauded by Movie Maker Magazine as “one of the top 25 film festivals worthy of its entry fee,” the Kansas International Film Festival 2010 (KIFF) celebrates ten years of bringing the world of premier international and independent film to the Heartland.
With the motto of, “It’s okay to think while watching movies,” KIFF 2010 entries spanned into the triple digits; however, only 50 fulllength films and 15 animated shorts (a new category for the festival) have been selected for festival inclusion with runs between the dates of October 1 – 7, Glenwood Arts Theatre, Overland Park, Kansas.

Festival Preview

Thursday, Sept. 30th-KIFF PRE-SHOW! 7:45 The Millennium Story Documentary about author –FREE ADMISSION

Friday, Oct. 1st
5:30 Mesrine: Killer Instinct
5:45 Soul At Peace
6:00 Stolen
8:00 Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest
8:10 Holy Wars
8:20 Sounds Of Beirut
Saturday, Oct. 2nd
12:30 Room 36
12:45 Five Cardinal Points
1:00 Tapped
2:45 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Of Duncan Christopher
3:00 My Run
3:15 Please Remove Your Shoes
5:00 Facing The Storm: The Story Of American Bison
5:15 Cash & Marry
5:30 In My Sleep
7:15 Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone
7:30 Burning In The Sun
8:00 Conviction

Sunday, Oct. 3rd
12:30 Harvest
12:40 Little Alien
12:45 War Against The Weak
2:45 Addicted To Plastic
3:00 Jack Goes Boating
3:15 Men Who Swim
4:45 Desert Of Forbidden Art
5:00 Charlie Valentine
5:15 The Blacks
7:00 Immigrant Nation!
7:15 To Whom It May Concern: KaShen’s Journey
7:30 Nowhere Boy

Monday, Oct. 4th
5:10 Monbella and the Curse of 1809
5:20 Tender Hook
5:30 Cellar
7:25 The Last Survivor
7:35 Pathways
7:45 Kansas City Murder Factory

Tuesday, Oct. 5th
5:10 Jury Award Winner-1st Place
Social Justice Documentary
5:20 Breaking And Entering
5:30 Dark Souls
7:25 Animated Shorts
7:45 Black Swan
7:35 Burma: An Indictment

Wednesday, Oct. 6th
5:20 Earthwork
5:30 Herpes Boy
5:40 Reparando
7:25 Milking The Rhino
7:35 Daddy I Do
7:45 IFC Showcase

Thursday, Oct. 7th
5:10 Jury Award Winner-1st Place Best Feature – Narrative
5:15 Made In Dagenham
5:30 Scientist Under Attack – Genetic Engineering In The Magnetic Field Of Money
7:25 Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal
7:35 127 Hours
7:45 Woke Up This Mornin’ In The Arkansas Delta

A complete description of all festival screenings is included within this kit and available on the KIFF website. Highlights for 2010 include social commentaries like Daddy I Do and Cash & Marry, along with consumer-focused documentaries such as Addicted to Plastic
and Tapped. Movies with a local connection include: Earthworks, The Five Cardinal Points, Kansas City Murder Factory, and Woke Up This Morning in the Arkansas Delta. Of course there are also edge-of-your-seat dramas starring a bevy of big names, including: Minnie Driver, Sally Field, Ben Kingsley, Hillary Swank, Billy Bob Thornton, and more. And, for the first time, an animated shorts category has been added to the festival.
Free Screening
Moviegoers are invited to a FREE screening of the Stieg Larsson documentary Millennium: The Steig Larsson Story on September 30 at 7:45 p.m. at The Glenwood Arts Theatre. Brian Mossman, festival board member and co-owner of the Arts Theatre Group states, “Everyone is invited until the theatre is at capacity. Filmgoers with festival passes will gain first entry, followed by non-pass holders as the theater allows.”
New For 2010
• The festival launches on October 1 at 8:00 p.m. with the Swedish film adaptation of the New York Times best-selling The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. As Mossman explains, “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest was the board’s top choice for the October 1st opening selection given the popularity of the film’s prequels and the pace at which its book counterpart is flying off of the shelves.”
• An Animation category has been added to the festival for 2010. 15 animated shorts will be shown in addition to the festival’s scheduled 20 narratives and 30 documentaries.
• 2010 marks the inclusion of two new awards: one Jury Award for Best Social Justice Documentary and one Jury Award for Best Narrative will be given, along with the festival’s long-standing Best of the Festival Winner. Mossman, explains, “The board had been discussing the possibility of adding
category awards to the festival for some time. Given the caliber of films submitted this year, we wanted the opportunity to recognize and showcase additional talent and give moviegoers multiple viewing opportunities. Each Jury Award Winner will receive a week run at The Glenwood Arts Theatre in Overland Park.”
• The festival also announces the availability of discounted Early Bird passes, along with final ticketing information as follows:
Ticket Details
Festival passes granting entry to any festival film are now available online (www.kansasfilm.com) or at the Glenwood Arts Theatre in Overland Park at the following price structure. Please note that all festival passes and individual ticket sales are final and non-refundable:

• Early Bird Pass (Purchase before September 24, 2010) – $50

• Regular Pass – $60

• Film League Members Pass – $40

• Film League Membership / Festival Pass combo- $70

Individual tickets go on sale September 15 at the Glenwood Arts Theatre:

• Matinee Single Ticket Before 5pm – $6.50

•Twilight Shows (5-6pm) $6.75

• Evening Single Ticket Seniors over 60 – $6.75 Adults – $8.50

• Film League Single Ticket $1 off regular admission (Must be purchased at box office.)

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer positions available include: Ballot Takers, Film Announcers, KIFF Café Attendants, Shuttle Drivers, Will-Call Desk, and more. Volunteers signing up for two shifts will automatically receive a pass for the entire festival. Interested parties can sign up via the festival’s website, www.kansasfilm.com.

KIFF Online
The enclosed festival brochure provides comprehensive screening times and movie synopses. For additional festival information and timely updates, please visit the festival online:

About the Kansas International Film Festival
The Kansas International Film Festival was founded in 2001 as a Kansas based non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of independent and classic cinema. As a premier cultural and educational event in greater Kansas City, the Kansas International Film Festival stands alone as a movie purist’s delight, featuring film screenings in the nation’s premier art house and classic film screening venues. The Kansas International Film Festival attracts local, regional, and national work, recognizing visiting filmmakers and screen personalities, with the intention of increasing public awareness of independent and classic cinema as a cultural, economic, and educational asset.

The Kansas International Film Festival received a 501(c)(3) designation in January 2001 under the corporation name of Photoplay, Inc. Representatives of the board of directors include filmmakers, film distributors, educators, theatre owners, and film historians. Each year the Festival Board seeks diverse programming that will entertain and inform our savvy movie-going audiences. We have been privileged to present some of the best films that may not otherwise get a chance to play in our area.

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