The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn News 9/30/10

Even more casting news for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn since my last post three days ago.  The Denali clan of vampires have all been cast.  The Denalis are the only other “vegetarian” clan of vampires other than the Cullens.  The Denalis live in Alaska, and they are the clan where Edward and Laurent have spent time.

Christian Camargo is playing Eleazar.  Christian has been in The Hurt Locker and Dexter (as the Ice Truck Killer).  Eleazar is a former member of the Volturi guard and can somewhat pick up on other vampire’s special abilities. Carmen is his mate.

Casey LaBow is playing Kate.  Casey can be seen in another vampire TV series, Moonlight, although it was short-lived.  She also was in Skateland.  Kate’s special vampire ability is to produce an electric current all over her skin.  This allows her to electrocute and incapacitate any enemies.  She also was once interested in Edward Cullen.

Mia Maestro is playing Carmen.  Mia has been in the TV series Crusoe, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Frida.  Carmen speaks fluent Spanish and is Eleazar’s mate.

MyAnna Buring is playing the leader of the Denali clan, Tanya.  MyAnna has been in The Descent and The Descent 2.

And of course, as previously announced, Maggie Grace will play Irina.

We are more than likely not going to see these actors and their characters until The Twilight Saga: Break Dawn Part 2 is in theatres, November 16, 2012.

Source:  The official Twilight Facebook account

by Sarah Ksiazek

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