Blu Monday: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

For the week of September 21st, Blu Monday covers Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack. Tinker Bell is a new story from Disney about a time before Tinker Bell was ever introduced to Wendy and the Lost Boys. Tink is headed to Fairy Camp for the summer and it’s her first trip out in the world. Tink, being absolutely fascinated with everything and how it works gets herself in a bit of trouble as soon as she arrives at camp and ends up following a human in their car to the “human house.”

Also in this house is his little daughter, Lizzie, who without a doubt believes in fairies and what magic they have on the world. When Lizzie sets up a play house out in the meadow for fairies, Tinker Bell has to check it out and accidentally gets stuck in the house as the door is jammed shut. Lucky for Tink, Lizzie is the sweetest little girl and only wants to help her. She tried to release her twice, even though she really wished that Tink would stay.

Meanwhile, Tink’s fairy friends mount a rescue in the rain and set on the trail to save their friend from the unknown. This is a very compelling story that had very good morals for families. The subplot revolved around Lizzie and her father finding time to spend more family time together. Nowadays, I’m not overjoyed by new Disney films as they are either over the top with cheese, or they completely go in the opposite direction and let’s just call it Hannah Montana. However, seeing Tinker Bell talking to humans and all they hear was a bell just brought back my own childhood memories of growing up watching Peter Pan all the time. This is most definitely a classic Disney story done right.

As far as the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is concerned, Disney has been very adament about providing both editions so that you can grab the DVD for on the go movies in the car or what not. This is a very handy idea, and even though I might not need it, I can certainly see the benefit in you have kids and drive anywhere. I do have one gripe about the snap cases that Disney has been using. Have they ever seen a child open a DVD case? They rip them open like there is frog inside with magical candy. Adding the extra clasp on the case only frustrates the kids and ends up getting ripped off by the kid, or cut off by Mom later.


We have said before that the best HD quality is always in animation and this is no exception. In fact, this is an exception to most animation in that it is incredibly gorgeous! I couldn’t stop staring at the iridescent wings on the fairies or the fairy dust clinging to little Lizzie’s face like star freckles. This movie is just so sparkly and brightly colored, I can guarantee some parents won’t want to just leave their kids with this film, they will want to join in. The sound for the film is good quality, obviously, its not going to need a sub woofer to enjoy but the sparkles of the fairy dust have a very crisp sound and when objects move from one side of the screen to the other, your ears will pick up on that as well.


Besides all the numerous trailers/sneak peeks that will keep you busy, there are some interesting Deleted Scenes. They are interesting because the deleted scenes are not finished like you see in the film; they are storyboards and gray scale. This is fun, because not only do you see how the film comes together, the directors introduce each scene and explain why it was removed.

There is a music video of “How to Believe” by Bridgit Mendler which I am not that fond of, but believe me, there have been much much worse songs that have droned on and on in parent’s ears for days.

Under Games and Activities, there is only one game: Fairy Field Guide Builder. This is the viewer’s own Field Research book, just like Lizzie makes in the film. There are four chapters and after completing them, the fairy will share little hidden jewels for the player. Super cute.

Last, but not least there is Backstage Disney, which lets you Design a Fairy House. Ok, not really. Actually, its a short about a contest they had for kids to design fairy houses, and the winner was flown out to Disney World to recreate it for the whole world to see. It’s pretty inspiring and hopefully, it will get the creative juices going in your family.

Without a doubt, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue is a BUY IT.

by Angela Davis

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