Building a Boardwalk Empire

Tonight I spent twelve minutes on the phone with my internet company trying to find out if my service was going to be up and running so I could write the review.  I spent five minutes cursing the air after I stubbed my toe on my way to the kitchen to get a drink before the show started.  I spent 20 minutes researching the cast and crew of the show and researching the Prohibition Era.  I spent another 30 minutes staring in vain at my laptop trying to conjure up just the right words to describe HBO’s new series Boardwalk Empire.  And still I have nothing.

I could tell  you that the production value alone is enough reason to watch.  I could tell you that Steve Buscemi leaves nothing on the table as Political Boss/Racketeer Enoch “Nucky” Thompson.  I could tell you that Stephen Graham as a young Al Capone and Vincent Piazza as a young Lucky Luciano are two actors that I suspect will be blowing up any moment now.  I could tell you that although there is violence and it is stark it doesn’t over power the story it is merely a tool.  I could tell you that at times all the characters and their place in the hierarchy blend together (a problem I suspect will clear itself up the further along the series gets).

I could tell you all these things and it won’t mean much of anything because this show is something I suggest you see for yourself.  Like all HBO shows I suspect that viewers will either love it or they won’t.  The middle ground is not what they are known for and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  By not going for the middle ground they are able to push boundaries and raise the bar for all other channels.  When I was watching the premiere tonight I was reminded once again why I prefer the medium of television over movies.  With television you have the chance of telling a great story that keeps growing and moving forward.  I for one can not wait to read the next chapter.

My Final Rating:


Get the tattoo already!

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