Fringe: Olivia

Season 3 opens up with Olivia being “counseled” by as part of her treatment.  It would seem that the only people who know that she is really “our” Olivia are Walternate, Alt Philip Broylers, and the viewers.  As far as everyone else in Alt World is concerned she is their daughter, their friend, their co-worker.  However something tells me that Fauxlivia’s mother knows deep down that Olivia isn’t “her” daughter.  Don’t ask me why I feel that way, I just do.

For reasons not yet known Walternate wants Olivia to believe that she belongs in Alt World.  I have to stop for a moment to applaud John Noble’s portrayal of Walternate.  After watching him play an addled minded genius for 2 seasons it was quite a shock to see him as cold and calculating in last season’s finale and this season’s premiere.  But just when I think that this Walter is not to be trusted Noble softens his features, tones down his voice, and fearfully worries about a war he truly (in that moment) believes our side started.  From what I gathered from tonight’s premiere Walternate believes that Olivia is the key to winning the war and it would seem that even he isn’t sure how.

I will admit that symbolism is not my strong suit.  I was always that kid in class that would ask that teacher how do they know Mark Twain meant for the raft to mean so and so, maybe it’s just a freaking raft.  As you can probably guess my English teachers never liked me.  Not being any good at recognizing symbolism has not weakened overtime.  If anything it may have gotten worse.  So I am usually the last person to pick up on any symbolism that a writer might put in a television show.  Except tonight I could not get the image of Charon out of my head.  As the cab driver (played by The Wire’s Andre Royo) took her from place to place I couldn’t help but to think that with each stop she was getting farther away from her original destination.  Until Olivia was finally brought to what would ultimately end up to be her mother’s house because by this time she was no longer “our” Olivia.  It will be interesting to see over the upcoming weeks if the 2 Olivia’s eventually move closer to being their opposite.

I love having Charlie back even if it is Alt Charlie.   Maybe Alt Charlie will end up having more to do that our Charlie ever did.  The downside to every other episode being in Alt World is that we get less Joshua Jackson.  Oh well I am sure the writers will make it up to us and if not as long as the AW stories end up being as compelling as Thursday’s episode I don’t think we will miss him too much.

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