Is the remake of Hawaii Five-O worth watching?

The original series ran from 1968 to 1980 and although I have a vague recollection of the show it is nothing more than a couple of images of Jack Lord and grass skirts.   So needless to say I went in to the premiere with an open mind and an eye out for any Lost landmarks I could spot.  No, Daniel Dae Kim does not count.  If he did then Grace Park would count as spotting a Cylon.

I came out of the premiere with not much more knowledge to be honest.  Alex O’Laughlin stars as, if not younger than, an upgraded version of Steve McGarrett and he is joined by partner Scott Caan playing Danny Williams.  Kim and Park round off the “Strickforce” (I kid I kid)  team.  For me the best part of the pilot was when after seemingly being bested by “tougher and smoother” McGarrett, Williams calmly clocks him one.  No fan fair.  No drama.  No whining.  Just a simple scene that helps to establish that these guys are a team.  Not one is better than the other.  In that one scene Caan showed that he wasn’t going to stand in the shadow.  Of course now I have a crush on him, but hey what can you do.

Do I think H5O is going to break new ground?  No and it’s cool.  Not every show that is on the air needs to break ground.  Not every show needs to be the greatest.  Sometimes as viewers all we need is some good popcorny-fun and I can not think of a better way to end a Monday.  My final rating is:

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Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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