And Yet Another Remake of Nikita

In 1990, the French released a film by the same name.  In 1993 the US came out with their own version called Point of No Return and in 1997 the television series La Femme Nikita debuted in both the United States and Canada.  Now on September 10, 2010 yet another version is gracing the small screen.  Except this time the concept centers around a beautiful young spy who is determined to bring down the very people that made her a spy.

Hey, wait a minute, I am almost positive I have seen this story before.  Oh say three times already?  Even though the premise doesn’t get my curiosity juices flowing, the cast certainly does.  I don’t know much about the lead Maggie Q.  Seeing as the two roles I have seen her in did not allow the actress much leg room and therefore she could have been playing the same character in MI:3 & Live Free or Die Hard.   Some might view this as a negative.  I, on the other hand feel that it is a positive.   Because I have no expectations of her, the degree of disappointment drops dramatically.  Lyndsy Fonesca and Tiffany Hines round off my cast of unknowns and therefore they as well do not score high on the disappointment scale.  On the other hand Lady Heather, Will Traveler, Ray Barnett, Sid Phillips, and George Mason all have reason to fear because I expect awesomeness from each of them.

I am pleased to say that the little I saw of  Hines was more than enough to leave a lasting impression.   When she delivered her lines I felt the distaste she had for fellow recruits and the need to be the biggest and the baddest of the bunch.  Fonesca, on the other hand, was slower to embrace her character.  It wasn’t until the last few minutes that I saw her as anything other than a dancing fresh-faced girl on a Noxema commercial.  But like I said she did eventually start to show traces of hidden depths so I am holding out hope for her.  Now Ms. Maggie Q is another story entirely.  If I erase the scene of her in that hideous red bathing suit I can then focus on the shock I am in that somehow this woman escaped JJ Abrahams’ arsenal of kick-ass females.  Hell, he is the one producer that seems to pride himself on finding ball-busting female leads.  Hand to God Melinda Clarke’s character is the spawn of Lady Heather and Julie Cooper-Nichol which from what I can tell is going to be one of those characters I love to hate.  While the ladies have left an impression, the gentlemen fell a little flat for me.  Hopefully they pick it up soon and prove they can bring more to the table than a Y chromosome.

From the very beginning, Nikita earned cool points because instead of drawing the back story out over a couple of episodes, the writers dispensed with the knowledge 10 minutes in.  Sure the show is bound to have twists and turns, but they let you know right off that at it’s core it is a revenge story, pure and simple.   When the hour was focused on Nikita and her mission to bring down The Division, I was glued to the action, when it switched to play time with the kindergartners…well not so much.  It will be interesting to see how the writers continue to try and blend the two generations while at the same time attempting to appeal to a broader audience than The Gossip Girl set.

My Final Rating: DVR/TIVO

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