Movies To Drink To: Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell

For those of you that love Grindhouse, I know that one of your favorite parts were the fake trailers. Those trailers are great but seeing the real thing is even better, with the release of Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell you can do just that. With a total of 47 of the best and bloodiest classic Grindhouse trailers. I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to see this film. Never before have I seen such a great collection of trailers. With Grindhouse films most of the time the trailer was just as good as the move and in most cases, it was better.

This is what makes Mad Ron’s so great, if you are a horror fan it’s a must own. So here at Lost in Reviews, we could only think of one way to make this movie better and that was adding a little alcohol. With a movie full of so much fun the only hard part was shrinking the list of rules down to a reasonable level. This movie has it all and is the perfect movie to pop in a watch with a group of friends.

All the trailers are presented by Happy, a dummy/puppet of the undead. Happy has a knack for horrible jokes, but does provide a little breathing room between all the great trailers. The premise of the movie, if there really is one, is that Happy and his friend are showing a series of Mad Ron’s stash of trailers for a group of angry zombie patrons. The movie takes a little to long to get to the trailers in the beginning but once we’re there it’s nothing but non-stop fun.

Saying that, there is one trailer that I would skip over as it tends to ruin your drinking fun. That trailer is Africa Blood and Guts. it’s right after the Diabolical Dr. Z. The trailer has graphic depictions of animal violence and is just a reminder of Faces of Death rather than classic horror fun. The rest of the trailers, on the other hand, are great with standouts like: Cannibal Girls, The Undertaker and his Friends, Night of the Living Dead, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you can’t find a trailer to love in this collection, then you’re just not looking.

Below are our party-tested drinking rules guaranteed to enhance your night. So, run over to amazon and pick up Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell and let us know what you thought of the rules and any ideas you might have add to the list.

The Rules:

1. Any time you see a decapitated head – 1 drink

2. Any time you see fake fog in a scene – 1 drink

3. Ongoing ridiculous laugh/cackle – 1 drink (you’ll know it when you hear it’s epicness)

4. Every time you see Happy, the zombie dummy – 1 drink

5. When someone picks up a ridiculous weapon – 1 drink (ex: garden hose, a dead body, or anything that wasn’t meant to be deadly)

6. If you have seen the film you are previewing, then finish your drink you sick bastard.

7. Drink to the naked people, their naked bravery deserves to be saluted. 1 drink to a naked scene.

8. Every time you see boobies take a drink; along with that drink you must yell “BOOBIES!” if you catch someone not joining in one more drink for them.

9. Drink when you see “cougar boobs.” These brave older women deserve their own rule along with their own “Cougar Boobs!” Chant.¬† (See above) You be the judge at who counts as “Cougar”, but just remember: Two drinks for “Cougar Boobs” for they have twice the experience!

10. Every time you see or hear a disclaimer/warning – 1 drink (stay alert they aren’t always at the beginning)

11. Every time you see or hear about an act of Necrophilia – take a drink. These brave souls deserve to be saluted.

12. Zombies! Everyone loves them now a days so why not drink when they are in a scene. For those brave few: attempt to drink for every one of the undead.

13. For every preview of ‘Christmas horror’ take a drink. This sub genre of horror deserves its own rule.

14. Every time you lay witness or hear the word “ORGY” – one drink. The “yell orgy” rule can be placed here because isn’t it fun to sing along! (see rule 8 )

15. One drink to the presence of “Blood” in the movies title.

16. 3D is so popular now that you should drink to the pioneers of the genre – 1 drink for previews in 3D. 2 drinks for 3D “BOOBIES!”

17. The guy in your group that made the comment about the spelling of Prevues has to take a drink.

Expert Rules:

If you have even heard of the movie you take 1 drink. For those of you that have seen Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell before, that’s right, you drink to every preview.

by Ryan Davis

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