Series Premiere of Raising Hope & Running Wilde

Before we get into the the show itself I ask that you please look to the picture on the left and tell me that Martha Plimpton doesn’t look as comfortable as I think she does?  Lounge pants rule and I want her T-Shirt.  Ok enough of that.  Onto Social D and The Dead Milkmen.  I hope my parents aren’t reading this but I so would have loved to have parents who even knew who those 2 bands are let alone listen to them.  Um…never mind because then I might have had to “rebel” by listening to Michael Bolton or Cher or just about anyone else.

Raising Hope is an oddball mess.  Everything about this show from the one night stand who turns out to be a murderer who gets sentenced to the electric chair to the cluttered thrift store decorated house to the front yard that is just begging for a tornado to hit it screams “Poor Me!”  The Chance family is a walking talking advertisement for the blue collar class.  Even so, I never felt bad for them and when the funny moments came (and they did) I wasn’t laughing at the “Hey look it’s poor people being funny,”  I was just laughing because it was funny.  If I had to put a finger on Fox’s new comedy I would have to go with Malcolm in the Middle with just a touch of Married with Children.  Not too bad a mix if you ask me.

Where oh where to begin.  Umm how about with….Who in the hell names a kid Puddle?  I mean Puddle?  Ugh it’s just horrible.  I think I had a dog named Puddle or I read about a dog named Puddle or something like that.   It’s just wrong.  Or maybe we can talk about the tremendous amount of overacting done by the usually very funny Will Arnett.  I’m sorry Will but this is just not your show and as much as it pains me to say, I believe you are better when you have more than just one or two other people to play off of.  Of course we could always talk about Ms Keri Russell who other than playing a knocked up emotionally neglected waitress hasn’t done much of anything since her run as Felicity.

If you ask me, neither of them are ready to carry a comedy.  Especially not a comedy that hasn’t found the funny.  I know critics are constantly telling their readers that they need to allow a show to have time to find their footing; which is true.  Often a pilot episode is simply a baby step to bigger things.  This does not mean under any circumstance mean that a comedy doesn’t have to bring the funny.  In fact they should bring nothing but funny and leave the emotional connection until they have better established themselves as a watchable comedy.  Of course, some 30 minute comedies can pull it off like the aforementioned Raising Hope.

My final rating for Raising Hope is:

DVR it:

Time to start keeping up with this could be classic. If you don’t you’ll have no clue what all the cool kids are taking about.

My final rating for Running Wilde is:

Cancel It:

This show is the walking dead, so get out your zombie killing tools and end it’s undead existence.

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