Terriers: No, not the dog, the show.

Although I have had my fill of quirky detective shows lately I had no problems adding Terriers to my review list.  If only because it kept me from having to watch and even review The CW’s Hellcats.   Terriers is a new show on FX starring Donal Logue (Grounded For Life) as Hank Dolworth an ex-cop who along with his best friend, Britt Pollack (insert inappropriate jokes here) played by Michael Raymond-James (True Blood), decide to open up a not quite legal P.I. business.

Before I begin this review I must first plead for your forgiveness.  You see instead of paying close attention to storyline, acting, directing, and blah blah blah I couldn’t stop myself from mentally brow-beating the show’s title.  Why is it called Terriers?  Is there a terrier in the show?  Is it the mascot of the business?  I came up with answers to 2 of the questions: NO.  The first one I am still working on.  The only possible conclusion I have been able to come up with is that terriers, the dog, as a breed are a tenacious lot and once an idea gets in their head they don’t let it go.  Now mind you I am not a dog nor do I think like one, but as I said before I spent the better part of 60 minutes thinking about the title.  You try doing that and not come up with some type of crazy conclusion.

Now I bet you are thinking that if I could really spend all that time thinking about the title then that must mean the show sucked, right?  Well why the hell not?  That’s what I would be thinking.  Except Terriers doesn’t suck.  In fact, it is a pretty watchable little show.  I don’t tend to prescribe to FX shows because for the most part they seem to all prescribe to the same dark and seedy format.  I figure one dark and seedy show is more than enough per season.  Except it would seem that thanks to not being able to watch the final season of Friday Night Lights until whenever NBC decides to air it I find myself without a clear new obsession.  If you are a television junkie like I am you know that this means chaos rules the Fall Season and everything is up for grabs.

But my lack of a new obsession has little if nothing to do with Terriers.  As much as I would like to give it my “obsession” seal of approval it’s a bit procedural and doesn’t require my undivided attention.  Nor do I feel as though I absolutely must tune in next week.  I also can not see myself giving it a coveted space on my DVR.  Now it’s not all bad news.  I may not be chomping at the bit to watch each new episode as they air, I do have the luxury of being able to catch them ON Demand or even online.

My Final Rating:  Streaming Video

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