Undercovers has been described as an action spy thriller.  I describe Undercovers as a show that lacks originality and focus.  The husband and wife spy team Steven and Samantha Bloom played by Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have chemistry, not to mention charisma, to spare.  But it’s not enough.  We learn at the beginning of the premiere that the Blooms have been out of the spy biz for 5 years so that they could lead a normal married life.  Which by normal they mean running a very busy and I am guessing popular eating establishment and of course normal means boring.

In the case of Undercovers they got it backwards because this time it was the spy mission that was mundane and predictable.  At no point did I feel all was well that was going to end well.  Try as I might I can not bring myself to picture these two in dangerous situations.  I can picture them running a successful business and frankly the drama that came from “normal” might just be more interesting to watch at this point.  I have noticed in the days leading up to the premiere that there has been a lot of focus on the fact that minorities are playing the lead characters and that by doing so the creators are helping to change the way business is done in Tinseltown.  I think that might be putting a bit too much pressure and power on one little show.  I don’t say this because I believe that they can’t carry the show, quite the opposite because right now Kodjoe and Mbatha-Raw are the only reason I will be tuning in again next week.

Luckily for UC and it’s stars, NBC won’t be losing any ground if they allow for the show to have time to find it’s footing.  Whether or not I will be around when that happens is another story.  My final rating is:

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Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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