Bush, Filter, Paper Tongues, and New Politics at the Palladium

I attended the Bush, Filter, Paper Tongues, and New Politics concert at the Palladium in Dallas, Texas on October 22, 2010.  I still do not like the Palladium.  I still have the same complaints from when I saw Angels and Airwaves there.  If the venue had a balcony, I would be much more happy to see concerts there.

The first band to play that night was the New Politics.  The band is comprised of three boys, drummer Poul Amaliel, singer David Boyd, and singer/guitarist Soeren Hansen who hail from Copenhagen, Denmark (which was not evident at all at the concert).  Perusing their website, they have a motto, “F*** it!”  I would describe their music as a combination of rap and alternative.  The lead singer, David Boyd, was very rousing toward the audience, and was doing a lot of dancing and acrobatics on stage.  They had excellent energy considering there are only three of them on a large stage.

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The Paper Tongues is a seven member band that describes their sound as a mix of rock, funk, rap, and soul.  When lead singer Aswan North came out on stage, he looked like an 80’s Michael Jackson.  I thought to myself, this can’t be good.  Fortunately, the sound that came from the band more than made up for the first impression.  They produce a wonderful, rhythmic, groovy sound that had me dancing.  Everyone in the band  had their own style and contributed to the eclectic feel of the music.  They got the crowd moving to their music, and this is a band that I would really like to see again live.

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As an alternative radio listener, I know a couple of Filter songs.  Both “Hey Man, Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” still get plenty of airplay.  Other than those two songs, I do not know many of their songs.  They are a little more hard core than I like, not that there is anything wrong with that.  Filter is made up of singer/guitarist Richard Patrick, drummer Mika Fineo, bassist Phil Buckman, and guitarist Rob Patterson.  I was able to get some nice photos of the band, as Lost in Reviews was able to acquire a photo pass.  First time I have been that close to a stage for any “big” band.  Lead singer Richard Patrick still has it.  He came out all dressed in black with black hair and aviator glasses, the total rock star look.  He took his glasses off after a couple of songs.  He commented on the mosh pit happening on the floor.  He also got up close and personal with the front of the audience.  He brought out a camera and took pictures of the audience, himself with the audience, and each of the band members.  Filter still has a lot of fans and they were out in full force at the show.

The audience got a couple of nice surprises from Filter.  Richard Patrick’s brother, actor Robert Patrick (X-Files, Terminator 2: Judgement Day), was on stage for one song where he sang one word during “So I Quit.”  I did not know Richard Patrick was related to Robert Patrick, and Robert was not recognizable.  I thought he was a boxer or motorcycle gang member.  He was very buff.  I am assuming that is for a role.  There is video of the song here.  For “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” former bass player, Frank Cavanagh came on stage to help play.  Richard Patrick said Cavanagh left to join the military reserves and fought in Iraq.  If you are a big fan of the band, that would have been very cool to see a former band member back on stage.  The set list was as follows: “Drug Boy, No Love, Relapse, Trip Like I Do, Take a Picture, Welcome to the Fold, The Best Things, So I Quit, and Hey Man, Nice Shot.”

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I have been a fan of Bush since high school and their debut album, Sixteen Stone.  I think I bought that tape after “Little Things” came out.  I saw them play at the Fox Theatre and at the now non-existent Omni in Atlanta with my high school pals.  Love them.  I was uberly excited when I heard that the band was getting back together.  I guess that is not totally true.  Only two original band members came back, Gavin Rossdale and Robin Goodridge.  Dave Parsons and Nigel Pulsford decided to not re-join the band.  Chris Traynor and Corey Britz filled in the gaps of the line up.

The set was fantastic.  I have never seen Bush in this small of a venue, nor have I been that close to the stage.  There was no difference in the sound with the two new band members.  Gavin explained that with his solo effort or his other band, Institute, there was always something missing.  He wanted to get the band back together.  They have already finished an album that they are excited about, but there is no official release date.  For now, the only new song you will hear is the single, “Afterlife,” which is a little faster paced than their other songs.  I got a rush when they came out to play and started with the first notes of “Machinehead.”  Bush also played “Alien” which I had never heard played live.  I was an “Alien” fan rather than a “Glycerine” one.  I was packed in and surrounded by people, so I did not get any really outstanding photos, but I did manage to get some videos.  The rest of the set (in no particular order and to the best of my recollection) was “Little Things, Prizefighter, Comedown, Glycerine, Greedy Fly, Chemicals Between Us, Everything Zen, Warm Machine, The People That We Love, and Swallowed.”  If they come back to Dallas, I will definitely be there.

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Check out the pictures and videos from the concert below the rating.

I give Bush, Filter, Paper Tongues, and New Politics at the Palladium 4 “Bad concert pics that actually look kinda arty” out of 5.

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