Movies to Drink to: Lake Placid 3

The kind of movies that just seemed to be churned out of the Hollywood grind year after year are a perfect fit for our Movies To Drink To segment. We hope you enjoy our tried and tested rules. Believe us when we say, we have suffered for your fun. The premise of the story is pretty straight forward. Family goes to the lake for a nice weekend, kid is weird and starts throwing meat at the local “croco-gators” and befriends them, or does he? They become hungry for more meat and start crawling all over the town for some tasty flesh. They leave no place unturned: the cabins, the forest, and the grocery store. It’s absolutely ridonculous and totally worthy of our Movies to Drink to category. Enjoy.

The Rules:

Any time someone mentions “The Lake” – 1Drink

The classic rule of every time you see boobies take a drink; along with that drink you must yell “BOOBIES!” if you catch someone not joining in one more drink for them.

Any time someone dies in shallow water- 1 Drink

Any Flashbacks or Back story requires a drink for the memory

Any time bad cell phone reception is mentioned – 1 drink

Anytime things just don’t make sense take a drink EX: a chainsaw in the fridge.

Drink to the “Gingers”! Any time a red head is in a scene 1 drink.

Drink every time Michael Ironside is being a badass which is all the time.

Drink to horrible accents. Is she Russian or Latino? No one knows.

Drink every time you see a person of color. It’s few and far between so watch closely.

Drink to sexual innuendos. The serer amount of them in this film deserves to be saluted.

Drink to the Vespa. It’s a powerful machine and highly over looked in action/horror films.

Drink to Oscar moments. These scenes need to be voted on carefully there are a lot of great performances in this movie but only a few deserve this salute.

Drink when Michael Ironside needs to metaphorically take the tampon out. You’ll know this moment when you see it’s sad, sad existence.

Expert Rules:

“Come Get Some!” Drink during the entirety of a chainsaw battle, and when you’ve finished your drink exclaim “Hail to the king baby!”

Drink to awesomely bad CGI!

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