Fringe: The Plateau

Due to technical issues with a cable company that shall remain nameless I was unable to recap last week’s episode “The Box.”   I was finally able to watch it online and by that time I was in full “I hate my cable company” mode that I was not in the right mind to be recapping a commercial let alone an hour long science fiction show.  But thankfully all is now well.

Raise your hand if you were like me and thought the actor at the very beginning of Thursday’s episode bore a striking resemblance to Ethan Hawke.  Just me huh?

Walternate is one creepy SOB.  I for one would be completely freaked out every time I had to go to his office if I worked for him.  The man just resonates the Kill First, Worry Never attitude.   And where ever Olivia’s memories are vacationing at they may want to work their way to the surface before he decides she is of no use to him and their war with the other side.  Which is ironic considering the other side doesn’t know they are at war and this whole thing started because a father was grieving the loss of his son.  Did we not learn anything from Pet Sematary?

Hell it’s not the others they need to be worried about.  Apparently something as small as a ball point can reek havoc on this place.  I would hate to see what would happen if a woman cut her self shaving with a Lady Bic.   My Prob & Stat teacher will be very happy to know that I was able to understand about 10% of some of the stuff Milo was spouting off about.

I gotta say that committing murder by estimating the probability of it happening is both logical and way far out there.  I love how they are able to take the improbable and ground it in the probable.  By the way, that sentence makes complete sense in my head.

Luckily for me the two worlds while maintaining their separate identities are still able to keep the crazy mind whirling feeling at bay.  You know that feeling you get when so much is going on around you and there is nothing to focus on so you can regain your balance?  Yeah that feeling.

Speaking of that feeling it was a nice touch that they used Peter as Olivia’s focal point.  He’s the one thing that deep inside she knows is real.  And for those of you who are non-shippers I do not mean this in a romantic way.  Because the Peter she sees is less the person we know and more her anchor to her “real” life.

So until next week,

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