Outlander The Movie May Have Found Its Sassenach

While most of our readers will probably not know anything about Outlander, I most certainly do and let me enlighten you.  I am not talking about the Jim Caviezel movie where he crash lands in the middle of some Vikings.  I am talking about Outlander the book by Diana Gabaldon which turned into a series of seven books and a just released graphic novel.  I always say that they are like the Twilight books for the adult set.  No, there are no vampires, but you will devour the books and be obsessed with the characters.  It’s adult because there is quite a lot of lust and sex in it.  The plot is basic.  Claire Randall time travels from 1945 Scotland to 1743 Scotland and meets a Scot named Jaime Fraser.  Claire is English and is referred to as a sassenach or outlander by the Scots.  I LOVE these books.  Of course, the fans want to see a movie made, but everyone has their opinions on who should play who.  The book is also a massive book, as are all the rest in the series, so any movie made from the book will have elements missing.

It should be noted that unlike the Twilight books and their movie adaptations, Diana Gabaldon is not like Stephenie Meyer.  She wants nothing to do with any movies that are made.  She has made it clear that she does not have time on her hands to be involved with the process.  I really do not think she wants a movie made, and I would be fine with that.  It is always better in your head.

Unfortunately, I learned via Twitter and a couple of online articles that the movie may well be on its way to being in production.  An actress has been named that might indeed get the part.  None other than Kathryn Heigl is up for Claire Randall.  In all my time spent perusing Outlander fan discussions, not once has Katherine Heigl been suggested for Claire.  I will make it plain that I really do not like Heigl as an actress.  She is a bit annoying.  Heigl recently finished production on One for the Money, another movie adaptation of the popular Janet Evanovich novels, where she plays the lead character, Stephanie Plum.  I heard fans of that series were not too happy about her playing that character either.

We can also gleam from the articles that Outlander may be on track to be released in 2012.

Thoughts?  Am I being too harsh?

Sources: Cinema Blend, New York Times

by Sarah Ksiazek


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