Tron Night, the Tron Legacy Preview

I ventured out to Tron Night tonight.  This was happening all across the country tonight.  A couple weeks ago, people had the opportunity to get a free ticket to a 20 minute preview of Tron Legacy.  Tonight was the night.  I ended up travelling to AMC 30 Mesquite because the closer AMCs were sold out of tickets.  The theatre was not that full.  There were maybe 50 other people besides myself.

This was a 3D preview on an IMAX screen.  The preview started with a typed out message from the director, Joseph Kosinski.  Each scene shown had a number and the name of the sequence shown on screen before it started.

The first two scenes were in 2D.  The first was Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) arriving to his place on his Ducati motorcycle.  Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) was there waiting for him saying that he received a page from his father.  He gives him the keys to the arcade.  There was also some conversation about the company, which is worth a lot of money, and Sam’s unwillingness to participate in the company.  The second scene is Sam going to the arcade.  He turns on all the lights and that includes switching on the jukebox which belts out a couple of 80’s tunes.  He sees the Tron game and discovers how it leads to a secret passage.  He then finds his father old office and the computer.

Sam is transported to the grid and this is where the 3D begins.  He is picked up by the “police,” and chosen to go to the games, AKA the disc wars. There is a pretty cool scene with four girls outfitting him for the disc wars.  Sam is still really confused as to what is going on and does not really get it until his disc war begins.  The next scene involves Sam escaping with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) from some situation.  They end up going to the safehouse where Sam’s father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is hiding out.

After that last full scene, it jumps to Daft Punk and Castor (Michael Sheen) providing the music and start point of a montage of snippets from the film.  It ends with Clu 2.0 (younger Jeff Bridges) saying a few words.

Apple Trailers released a clip of the movie today, and that clip was part of the Tron Legacy preview.  There were also plenty of scenes from the trailers in the preview.

I have not seen the original Tron since I was a little, and I have had a hard time finding any format to watch it in, so I am a little confused some of the details of the movie.  Sorry if I got any of the terms incorrect.

The overall preview was spectacular and the 3D is top notch. The colors, the vehicles, costumes, makeup, music, and the overall look is amazing.   This is a movie that I see going to experience more than once.  This may be my new Matrix.  When you do go see it, see it in IMAX 3D, it is worth it.  The Tron Night preview did exactly what it was supposed to do, get me really excited for the movie.

Tron Legacy is in theatres December 17, 2010.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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