Blu Monday: The Face Melting Edition

For the week of November 23rd, Ryan and Angela discuss the pros and cons of Flipped, Eat Pray Love, Santa Paws, Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Dr. Who The Complete Fifth Series, and the Extended Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Avatar. With all these Blu-rays this week, it’s no wonder why this is called the Face Melting Edition.

Flipped: While Ryan just fell in love with the story by the one and only Rob Reiner about young love and it’s interesting look at perspectives, the special features left a lot to be desired. In fact, Ryan stated that these were the worst examples of special features he had encountered. He could only give it a RENT IT.

Eat, Pray, Love: Angela admitted that she wasn’t left stunned by the film when she saw it in theatres and therefore was looking forward to seeing the Extended Director’s Cut not seen in theatres. However, there was a total of roughly five extra minutes, all which added nothing to the story, and all of which was pulled from the Italy portion of the film. The special features were also lack luster as there was no commentary and only a few small interviews with Director Ryan Murphy, Lead Julia Roberts and author of the book, Elizabeth Gilbert. Even though she did enjoy the time with Elizabeth Gilbert, it wasn’t enough for multiple viewings, she gave it a RENT IT.

Santa Paws: From the people who brought you Santa Buddies comes the new pup adventure for the holiday season. This film was aimed at a young age of five to seven years and even though those dogs are cute for a while, the story will more than likely start to annoy any parent that would be hearing this on repeat. Angela was not quite sure why the children’s movie was put on Blu-ray, such an expensive format for a young child’s peanut butter fingers to be grabbing. However, there is also a DVD included in the case, most likely for those with the lucky DVD players in those “Mom vans.” Ryan and Angela gave this a RENT IT.

Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore: This is the sequel to 2001 kid’s film Cats and Dogs. This time, dogs and cats will have to team up and unite in order to save the world from the evil Kitty Galore. Although this movie was ridiculous, like Santa Paws, it had better jokes and the story line kept interest longer. This film was aimed more for the twelve to fourteen year age group, so therefore there were more adult jokes present. Even though the special features are just laughable with features like dogs dishing the secrets on their masters, the film will hold up in households with kids. Parents won’t be pulling their hair out quite so quickly with this one, BUY IT.

Dr. Who The Complete Fifth Series: Ryan wasn’t afraid to admit that he hadn’t previously seen any of the many years of the acclaimed Dr. Who series. However, this Fifth Series is a fresh reboot and a chance for those who have been interested to jump into the series and keep a level head. There is a new face to Dr. Who, which is explained in the story and after seeing the fantastic story line, Ryan will be lining up the rest of the series on his list of what to watch next. This is a definite BUY IT.

Extended Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Avatar: With all the different editions that have come out in the last year, one can easily be confused at which one is for you. Well, my friend, this edition will have all of that and then some as this new addition has the original film, plus the film with the additional eight minutes and then the film with an extra sixteen minutes added in. These deleted scenes have been completely rendered to fit flawlessly into the film, as if they were always there. If that doesn’t rock your boat, you can spend about forty minutes watching additional deleted scenes that never even made it to the final rendition. They are in many stages, some with green screen behind characters, some just watching Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in motion capture outfits. What really topped the cake for Angela was the documentary about the making of, running an hour and forty minutes in length. The documentary literally starts from the conception inside of James Cameron’s mighty brain all the way through to the final cut and the charity work that they have accomplished after the film. If this doesn’t ring your bell than you must just be a scrooge. With all of this, plus so much more on three discs, you must BUY IT.

by Ryan Davis and Angela Davis

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