Movie Review: Due Date

Have you seen The Hangover? Did you like the one-man wolf pack? Well then I can assure you that Due Date will be right up your alley. Zach Galifianakis stars alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the modern day retelling of the classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles. This is not a remake by any means, but if you see the movie, you will certainly see the similarities. The film is called Due Date because the high-strung business man Peter Highman (Downey) is traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles to see his wife give birth to their first child. There are some humorous mix ups between Peter and Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis) from the first moment Ethan is introduced outside the airport.

After a terrorist mix-up gets Peter and Ethan kicked off the plane and onto the No Fly List, Peter is left with no luggage, and no ID. With no way to fly, or rent a car, Ethan runs into Peter at the rental station and by happenstance, Ethan is traveling to LA. Reluctantly, Peter climbs in for the road trip of his life.

I was reluctant going into this film for it being very generic and predictable; I was half right. I felt myself feeling a little bored for the first half hour or so. It was only after that time, that the few laughs that the film cracked out of me seemed to loosen me up and soon, I was laughing out loud at quite a few things from Galifianakis.

Before, when I mentioned that if you liked the One-man Wolf Pack that you would love this film, it is simply because of the character that Galifianakis plays in Due Date. There is a strong similarity in the childish, but hilarious behaviors of the two characters. Zach is on a roll right now in Hollywood and just like everyone, soon, people will grow tired of that role. But until then, people are joyous when Zach decides to openly masturbate in a car next to Peter or drink the ashes of his dead father as coffee.

I didn’t forget about Downey’s role, but Zach does steal the show. Downey’s performance is on par with that of his role in Iron Man. He is smart, snarky and hilarious with his anger. The two work well together on screen and I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that I could see the two working together again in the future. Although, I don’t think the dog would agree to work with him again, since he spat in the dog’s face.

Overall, the story is funny, but highly unbelievable. With all of the mishaps and accidents that Peter goes through traveling with Ethan, it’s highly unlikely they would have even survived. If they did miraculously survive the trip, Peter would have sued the shit out of Ethan for a number of things. Not to mention all the laws that the couple broke during the film, it’s unbelievable that there is just a happy ending with no one chasing after them. In this case however, it is imperative that you disconnect your brain from your reasoning center in order to fully enjoy this comedy.

For some, it is easier than others. I believe it took me a half hour or so, which would explain the increase in laughter from me. However, there were also some shocking scenes which couldn’t help but evoke a chuckle or a shocked “O” face from me. I didn’t think that I would be recommending this film from the start, but after seeing it through, I can say that it is at least worth seeing just to joke about it with friends afterward. Although, there aren’t nearly as many one liners in Due Date as there were in The Hangover.

I give Due Date 3 “Pink Floyd will bring out the bear in you” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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