Fringe: 6995 kHz

Before settling down to write a recap I find it necessary to busy myself with mindless tasks.  The reason for this is because I find if jump immediately into the recap my mind goes blank and the idea of putting pen to paper tends to cause the shakes.  So today after I finished watching this week’s episode I put my notes to the side, turned on an old episode of Supernatural, and grabbed the broom.  Hardwood floors may be beautiful to look at, but they are a bitch to keep clean.   When I finished sweeping the floors and “Folsom Prison Blues” was over I realized that I was still having problems coming up with the first sentence.  For those of you who are budding writers let me just say that for me the first sentence is key.  It sets the tone and flow of the whole piece.  So instead of writing I decided to get dinner started and for tonight’s main (only) course I will be serving warm and hearty beef stew.  Yum.  Now I have prepared beef stew hundreds of times.  It just happens to be one of my favorite meals to cook because it is so simple to make.  This is probably why I sliced my thumb open when cubing the potatoes, lack of concentration.  As it turns out I should have just braved the shakes and the potential mind wipe because then I wouldn’t have spent an additional 10 minutes getting the bleeding to stop.  Who knew writing a recap could be so dangerous?

I want to send a shout out to all those Fringe fans who meticulously research every minute of an episode so that I don’t have to.  Because of those fans I didn’t have to spend hours (who are we kidding I would barely have searched 5 minutes) searching for double meanings.  Like for instance 6995 kHz is the frequency that is used by people who man pirate radio stations or that the Glyphs in this week’s episode stands for decay.   Too bad you can’t erase the picture of BOlivia and Peter having breakfast in bed from my mind.  Win some, lose some.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t that I have a problem with Peter having a relationship with BOlivia or hell with Olivia for that matter.  What I have a problem with is that BOlivia is supposed to be acting as though Olivia would and nothing about that scene rang true.  I felt as though she was no longer faking in her feelings for Peter.  Which doesn’t say much about her feelings towards her husband in AltWorld if she is so easily able to fall for someone else.  Nor does it say much for Peter’s feelings for Olivia that not once has he had a moment’s pause that something might not be right about his lady love.  Hell the only person to even notice that something may be off with BOlivia is Nina and she hasn’t bothered to mention anything to anyone.  I do believe that Peter is the type of guy when he is in a relationship to buy U2 tickets and fawn all over his love.   As much as BOlivia has irked me in the past I can’t help but to feel bad for her.  Not only has she been tasked with saving her world she will also be responsible for destroying our world.  It has got to suck being her right now.   Plus if she keeps killing all the people/shapeshifters who were sent to help her on her mission she isn’t going to have any one left to go to when things really start to go crazy.

But the person I really feel sorry for right now is Walter.  Not only did he have to use his “dad” voice on Peter, he is also indirectly responsible for the upcoming war between the worlds.   And on top of all that, his son insist on working on what turns out to be a device that was made by the first people on Earth as a way to create and destroy everything.  Way to go Peter. It just does not pay to be a drugged out genius father nowadays.  I guess it’s a good thing that he is able to make mind clarifying sandwiches or else Astrid may not have been able to crack the code.  Although I am guessing that they will come to regret that ability soon enough.  On a side note I love that Walter calls the other Walter, Walternate.   Speaking of Walter & Walternate, (my mind is spinning right now) it is freaky how seemingly accurate Walter seems to be on Walternate’s plan for the upcoming war.   I myself feel stupid that I didn’t see that the numbers, the pulsating box, Kevin Weisman, and the points on the globe were all put in place by Walternate in the first place.  I should have seen it, just as I should have seen that BOlivia knew exactly what was going on with the shapeshifter.  I knew something was going on with her but it wasn’t until Peter mentioned that he could trace who placed the box in the towers that I realized that she had always known what was going on.

I really wanted the shapeshifter to go all Alias on BOlivia’s traitorous self, but then I remembered that this was Marshall Flinkman we were talking about and the most he would do is put together a weird contraption that was impossible to explain (pulsating box anyone?).  Though he did fall from a window quite quite gracefully.  Too bad it directly preceded having to see BOlivia run all damsel in distress in to Peter’s arms.  Gag me now, please.  I know it must make Peter’s He-Man rescuing nerves go all haywire with excitement but come on already, really?  Our Olivia is a gun toting, bad ass rock-star this woman is just sad.  No wonder AltCharlie is suspicious of all the new skills Olivia has acquired, his version is a pansy.

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