Fringe: Amber 31422

What price are we willing to pay to protect the majority?  If we are to believe Walternate, the few hundred souls that are encased in Amber weigh heavily on his conscious.  It would seem that aside from being a nifty way of stopping tears in the universe, it also keeps humans in a suspended animation state.  Not alive, but not dead either. Unfortunately for the people trapped inside the quarantine zones there is no chance of rescue because that could trigger another tear.  I am starting to think living in AltWorld kinda sucks.

As it turns out a bank robbing twin figured out the amber’s dirty little secret and spent the better part of the past four years using his mad scientist skills to rescue his brother.  A brother who they believe to be the actual bank robber who was really just a family man who was trying to convince his thieving brother to give up the life of crime.  Did you get all that?  Ok good because I’m not about to repeat it.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Olivia fighting with her subconscious, who conveniently walks and talks like Peter.  Not that I mind.  Any excuse to see Peter is a good one if you ask me.   No matter how much she tries to convince herself that everything is ok she knows deep down that something is terribly wrong.   When I first found out that Olivia was going to be trapped in AltWorld I was worried that this would be a season long game of peek a boo.   Luckily the writers are much smarter than that and seem to be well aware that the audience prefers to see the story move forward.  And thanks to Walternate’s penchant for using drugs in his experiments (for a second there I thought I had seen a glimpse of our Walter) and his willingness to sacrifice others for the greater good, Olivia was able to get the push she needed to discovering who she really is. It is going to be interesting to see how Olivia tries to stay one step ahead of Walter.

Try as I might I can not bring myself to believe that Walternate is anything other than a lying, murdering sociopath.   Deep down I know I only view him this way because I only know and adore our drug laced version of Walter, but knowing this fact doesn’t deviate me from that singular belief.

Aside from Olivia and Walternate the well of stories that seem readily available for the picking are falling to the ground abandoned.  How am I supposed to care about the possible destruction of this world and the people in it if we don’t learn more about them?  Granted the emotional connection to AltCharlie is there but that has more to do with the fact that our Charlie was around for all of the first season.  But as much I have come to enjoy seeing Lincoln Lee if he were to die in the next AltWorld episode I seriously doubt I would mourn him longer than the time it took me to complete that week’s write up.  The same goes for all the AltWorld characters.  Right now they are a means to an end and nothing more.  Thankfully they have 17 more episodes to change my mind.

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