Glory Daze: Here to educate not pontificate

In 1986, 5 young lads on the brink of adulthood embark on the adventure of their lives known as college. Created by the same guy who directed National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Walt Becker, Glory Daze centers around 4 guys who at first glance I can only describe as stereotypical.  We have Joel who is their version of an every-geek.  Sawyer who I can’t decide is a walking, talking closet case or the sentimental jock.  Jason the Nixon loving prep.   Eli the sexually frustrated Jewish boy.  Which brings us to the 5th wheel, Chang the Asian, who asides from appearing to wear very uncomfortable jeans we learn very little about.

Of course we can’t forget the potential love interest they threw in for Joel.  Oh wait yes we can because I can’t for the life of me remember anything about her other than that she is dating one of the Omega Sig fraternity brothers.  Oh the drama that will unfold from that cleverly introduced plot line.

Or maybe the writers will regale us with funny yet heart warming tales told through the antics of the older and wiser Cappie.  Oh wait that’s another show about college, sorry.  I meant to say the older and wiser Reno.  On the plus side Joel’s parents are played by Brad Garrett and Cheri Oteri.  On the negative side Cheri will probably not be wearing a Spartan’s cheerleading uniform or yelling out cheers beside Will Ferrell.  Damn.

The hour wasn’t a complete waste.  In fact, up until I watched it a second time my review was going to have an entirely different tone.  Glory Daze is deceiving that way.   I had allowed myself to get lured in by the socially gawky teenager doing the worst confidence boosting dance I have ever seen.  Let it be known to men everywhere tightie-whities or briefs of any color should never be worn, ever.   I like to pretend that I don’t enjoy slapstick comedy and for the most part I don’t.  I find it to be lazy comedy unless done right and this show does not do it right.  However when you add a full day of work and only a couple hours of sleep the night before to a guy getting tasered in his special area you get, well, you get me laughing hysterically.

Unfortunately I don’t see GD bringing anything more to the table that ABC Family’s Greek or even Van Wilder has already done.  Well they do have a kick-ass soundtrack and I am a sucker for the Flock of Seagull’s hairstyle.  Ok, ok I will give it one more chance, but that’s it.  My tentative rating is:

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Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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