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The trailer for Born to Be Wild debuted on iTunes Movie Trailers today.  I am an animal person through and through.  I have basically dedicated the better portion of my life to taking care of them.  I wish I had the means and the determination to take it to the lengths that these two animal heroes have.  Born to Be Wild is a nature documentary that focuses on orangutan conservationist, Dr. Birute Galdikas, and elephant conservationist, Dame Daphne Sheldrick.  Both women work with the orphans of their species to rehabilitate them to return to the wild.  Like IMAX movies used to be, this is exclusively being shown in IMAX theatres.  Does anyone remember the huge IMAX screens that they have in science and natural history museums?  That is a true IMAX screen, and I hope there will be a screen like that in Dallas showing this movie.  I have to admit I was crying when I watched this trailer.  I knew I was going to before watching it.  That may just be me, but I think some fellow zookeepers and animal lovers may have the same reaction.  Official Synopsis:

“Born to be Wild 3D” is an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphanedorangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them–saving endangered species one life at a time. Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, “Born to be Wild 3D” is a heartwarming adventure transporting moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne Sheldrick, as they and their team rescue, rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to the wild.

60 Minutes has previously profiled Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her elephant orphanage.  If you watch the segment and do not cry, you are much stronger
than me.  I included the segment below the trailer.

Born to Be Wild is exclusively in IMAX 3D theatres April 8, 2011.

Visit the official movie website here.

And PLEASE watch the trailer in high definition.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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