Lost in Previews TV Edition: Shameless

When I see the words “based on hit British show” I visibly cringe in terror.   Which of course means that in today’s entertainment jungle those words are thrown about quite often.  Sometimes the results are a resounding hit, The Office, and others fall on deaf ears, Life on Mars.   Now I am making an unresearched and unproven guess when I say that I am pretty sure that the average TV viewer does not flip to BBC America for a night of entertainment.  I feel for those Americans because they have no idea what they are missing.   If they had they would have seen James McAvoy in the original version of Shameless of course they would also have seen more of him than was probably necessary (not really but I am trying to keep this post PG 13).  And after seeing what had been done to Life on Mars and let’s not forget Viva Laughlin well you can see why when I found out that William H. Macy, Joan Cusack, Emmy Rossum, and Justin Chatwin would be starring in the American version premiering on January 9, 2011 on Showtime I was a little reluctant to share in their excitement.   Of course this was all before Mr. Macy had the chance to win me over in a 3 minute promo shot.  If this is what he can do in that short amount of time I for one can not wait to see what he does with 57 more of them.

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