The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas

The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas was made up of two nights that would prove to be a test of any certain skill in the trade of journalism; including one night of getting lost and one of getting in touch with the other side of myself. That crack in my skull, the part of me where talent flows and prevents me from stopping…from stopping the pursuit of the edge. This is true about many artists from great painters, philosophers, musicians, etc. Its essential to our function, its our drug. Pure uncut madness…but let there be no fantasy about it, it can be writing a beautiful work of literature one moment and burning down a house the next. That’s not to say we are violent people; we are more moral that any priest, we just do crazy shit. Yes, there is no fantasy about it. We can make the best friends at one moment but the next you will be carrying us to the car with blood running down our faces. It was nice to see this kinship in Cage the Elephant.

When Cage the Elephant took the stage, I was ready for a great performance but what was about to happen was a completely new experience. The band’s time in London had changed them; they had done something that most bands can never do no matter how hard they try. Cage the Elephant had evolved and transformed; they had become a band that was great and would last in all of our minds for the next fifteen years yes, now with this new kind of music they would stand the test of time. They are champions of their age. They will be the band that shows true punk can still be done in America and around the world. Every song Cage the Elephant played had me in a frenzy of madness. With the lyrics, “Watch the world go down the toilet, eat a bag popcorn,” I howled for more with the smell of tequila on my breath. I could feel the eyes of the crowd on me as I jumped in the air and screamed until my voice was raw. I went from politically correct to insane. The songs went on and they were all new, save for two of them. Matthew Shultz was going through his usual movements and the emotion in his voice was refreshing. The music was real and amazing.

After coming down from the scene that was Cage the Elephant it was time for the Dirty Heads. It was hard to wrap my mind around my thoughts. I felt like I just watched Natural Born Killers then straight to some bizarre surfer movie, maybe that one with the animated penguins. I joke I think? No, it was a sight to see, the audience obese and begging for the Dirty Heads. Song after song the crowd screamed the words and pumped their hands in the air. I found myself now glaring at them like they once glared at me. Their Kotton Mouth Kings sounding jam went on for some time but, I could not tell the difference from song to song. But hell the Dirty Heads and the whiskey they shared with me helped me make the final decision about them… they are fucking great!

The second night of the Buzz Christmas was a different animal. It was a night for the youth, the emotional youth. More powerful than I would like to admit and it was not the parents, oh no! My Chemical Romance is in charge of your children; Gerard Way is leading the youth with a white flag and I say brilliant. As soon as the band My Chemical Romance took the stage the crowd lit up and they were no longer individual beings they were moving as one single unit, an army. Then something strange happened. I lost myself in the music, screaming the lyrics, enjoying myself profoundly. I felt like a misfit, way too old for this show but still too young to care. The performance was mind-blowing, breathing taking, every song had produced so much energy between the fans and a band that the city could run on it for a week. All I can say is it was priceless and I will never forget it.

The Night the Buzz stole Christmas gets 5 emo haircuts out of 5

By Josh Davis


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