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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse came out on DVD on December 4, 2010.  I was supposed to get a screener DVD, but it still has not arrived, so I am going to share a review with you of the DVD version I bought.  By the time this review is posted, I am sure that most of the Twihards will already have a copy, but those that are still on the fence about getting the DVD or this version of the DVD, I hope this review will help.  I go into detail about the extended/deleted scenes and the documentary, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip over the summaries.

I purchased the Target special edition DVD.  The reason I got this version was that I own the Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon in the same design.  I will not be reviewing the movie in this post.  If you would like to read my review, please click here.  I only went to see Eclipse once in the theatre.  Opening day was the only viewing after I was not too keen on the movie.  I wanted to see it again to give it another chance, but that never happened.

The presentation of the DVD is great.  The packaging folds out to reveal the DVDs and the folder that holds the six photos from the movie.

The trailers included on the DVD are Red, Letters to Juliet, Remember Me (of course), and Twilight in Forks.  They actually let you skip over the trailers in this DVD which is nice.

The menu for the DVD is exactly the same as New Moon‘s menu, same graphic, same font.

On Disc 1, there are two commentaries.  One is with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and the other is with Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey (producer).  I am not going to go into the commentaries as I do not have four hours to watch and listen to both.  I am sure both are enlightening and give more background on the movie and the story.  I am surprised that director David Slade is not on a commentary.  Usually the director is included in the commentary with the actors.

Also on Disc 1 are the scene selections and languages options.

Disc 2 has the additional special features.  There is a photo gallery that has stills from the movie, behind-the-scenes/in-production photos, and set photos.  The photos play as a video, so you have to fast forward, rewind, or pause if you want to see certain ones.  Two music videos are included on Disc 2: Muse’s “Neutron Star Collison” and Metric’s “Eclipse (All Yours).”  There is also a Jump To . . . feature where you can jump to Edward or Jacob’s scenes in the movie.

The deleted/extended scenes feature can be viewed with or without David Slade’s commentary accompanying them.

It’s not life or death (deleted) – Angela and Bella have a little girl talk.  This scene is from the book which fans will appreciate.

I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next (deleted) – This would have been a scene that followed the graduation scene.  This would also be the scene that a lot of paparazzi got photos of and that was our first chance to see what Kristen Stewart would look like in a wig.

Just keep the window closed (extended) – Edward shows a little possessiveness toward Bella.

From now on I’m Switzerland (extended) – a little extended conversation after Bella say “I’m Switzerland.”

Someone’s creating an army – In the Cullen house, as they are watching news of the murders in Seattle, there was a chance that there would be a alternate scene with the audience being able to see how Edward and Alice would have looked working for Aro.  Slade says that they even shot green-screen for that, but it was removed.  The entire scene sequence went under many revisions in pre-production and in the edit.  This extended scene just adds Edward saying that he saw in Aro’s mind what he wanted Edward and Alice for.

What did I say about a low profile? (extended) – Riley’s speech was cut down for the movie.

Jacob’s thoughts are pretty loud (extended) – additional conversation between Edward and Bella after Bella and Jacob kiss.

The Making of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 6-part Documentary is probably the number one reason to buy a two disc version of the movie.  I will go into each part of the documentary and describe the things you can see.

Introducing David Slade – This segment does just that.  We meet David Slade and he describes how he got his vision of the script onto the screen.  He is a much more technical director than the previous directors.  He is also very specific as to what he wants from the actors.  It is also clear that he has a sense of humor.

Pre-Production: Setting the Stage – August 3, 2009.  We get to see what kind of physical training the cast had to do for Eclipse.  The vampires came two weeks before production to get into shape and learn how to fight.  The giant hamster wheel is featured which is basically a very large treadmill that was used to simulate the vampires being able to run really fast.  I enjoy seeing Robert Pattinson work out and get all sweaty.  This segment also goes into the Cullen house.  Basically the entire Cullen house from Twilight was rebuilt inside a soundstage.  The house was broken down at the end of filming and stored, only to be rebuilt again for Breaking Dawn.  I am guessing that they are rebuilding it on the soundstage in Baton Rouge.  The post-snow mountaintop towards end of the movie was built inside!  The design of the engagement ring and the T-shirt quilt is also discussed.

The Heart of Eclipse – This part goes into the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle with interviews with the actors and Stephenie Meyer.  It also goes into Jasper and Rosalie’s background with interviews with Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter), Stephenie Meyer, David Slade, and the actors.

The Dark Side of Eclipse –  The segment goes into Victoria, the newborn army, Riley, and the actors who play them.

Lights, Camera, Action –  This section of the documentary is probably the best part.  It shows specific scenes from the movie and how each was achieved.  The scenes that are featured:  1) Riley’s introduction at the beginning of the movie, 2) the two meadow scenes, 3) the high school parking lot and some funny bits from Michael Welch, 4) wolf pack introduction at Emily’s house and Bronson Pelletier’s experience with chicken, 5) the Volturi in Seattle, 6) Jacob carrying Bella (those muscles on Taylor Lautner were put to work), 7) Bree, 8 ) logging yard and the lake with the vampires, 9) the campfire mishaps with the rain and a bear, 10) the tent scene, 11) the mountain top at the climatic scene (you get a chance to see Robert Pattinson “running” again, see Xavier Samuel be tossed around by some wires, and hear Bryce Dallas Howard talk about being killed by Edward).  There is a segment called “Taylor Time” that is put in between different parts of  this section.  It shows off a little bit of Taylor Lautner’s talents.

Post-Production: Leaps in Technology – this section goes into some of the special effects and computer-generated images.  These are some of the things that you will see in this section: 1) The treadmills and magic carpets used to make the vampires appear to run faster.  I appreciated the comment that they were trying to make the vampires look superhuman, but not supernatural.  2) The upgrades to CG wolves for Eclipse compared to New Moon, the addition of “fur loaves.”  I found it interesting that Taylor Lautner was actually used as a stand-in for the Bella/Jacob wolf scene.  3) The fight training and vampire battle scenes.  They used a wolf “dummy” for some of the vampire/wolf fights.  4)  Debate over what the vampires are supposed to look like inside and the CGI used to create the look.

At the end of the documentary, there was a summary by David Slade and images where shown from the course of the movie production.

In summary, for this version of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD, I would definitely BUY IT if you are a Twilight fan, and RENT IT if you are just a movie fan, but please rent the second disc to see all of the special features.

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