Fringe: The Abducted

As a general rule I don’t like episodes that center around child abductions.  For one as Walternate said, “There is no tragedy greater than the theft of a child” but for another a part of me finds it difficult to enjoy something that is using that type of tragedy for entertainment value.   Now I know that the writers don’t intend for anyone to take pleasure in a child being abducted, even a fictional one.  Yet, I still can not enjoy them, well not fully anyway.

So you can imagine how I felt watching last week’s episode appropriately titled, “The Abducted.”  The abduction of young Maxwell from his bedroom after having recently been told by his mother there were no monsters in his closet (proof positive that parents do not know everything) lasted only moments.  As I imagine most abductions do (you see this is the type of stuff I think of when watching episodes like this one).  Thankfully, someone in the writers’ room or director’s chair figured that a few low lit shots of the kid looking scared while some moron in a mask recited a creepy prayer (I don’t know about the rest of you but I have never heard that prayer before and for that I am thankful) and some photos of previous victims was enough visual information.

And as if the kidnapping of a child wasn’t creepy enough the whole reason Max was taken in the first place is because the guy was stealing youth.  Are you kidding me?!?!  Stealing youth?   It has been almost a week since “The Abducted” aired and I still can not wrap my mind around the storyline.  In fact the further away I get from it the more I feel as though the writers were grasping at straws when they were trying to come up with a “B” story to go along with Olivia reaching out to the other side.  I am able to grasp that they needed to show Walternate as a more rounded human being (quit trying he is a creepy SOB and nothing you can do will change that) and they needed to provide AltBroyles with a bonding moment with Olivia so it makes sense that he would look the other way when she began her escape attempt.  Of course if the writers had been watching the same show as I have been then they would have seen that at no time was there ever doubt that when the time came he wouldn’t look the other way or even try to help her.

Either Lincoln has a crush on Olivia/Bolivia or Seth Gabel purposefully plays him like a smitten teenager.

They brought Andre Royo back for that?  What a waste.

If AltBroyles’ kid Chris is not going to live much longer shouldn’t he look a little….um sicker?  Hey, I’m just saying.

AltWorld’s DOD security sucks.  No wonder people can keep jumping from one side to the other.

I know Peter was kidnapped and it tore Walternate’s world apart but he is still an ass and I still don’t like him.

“I’m from a parallel universe” has got the be the best introductory sentence ever.

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