Lost In Previews TV Edition: Skins MTV

Let it be known that I am a full on fan of the BBC’s Skins.  I love that show with unabashed glee.  I could watch Sid sing Wild World over and over and over again.  Let it also be known that as a general rule I hate it when American television tries to “re-imagine” a British or hell any awesome show for that matter.  Showtime’s upcoming show Shameless may be the one that changes my mind but that is another story.  So when you take the fact that I adore the original Skins and I despise re-imagined shows you can see why I sat down to watch MTV’s trailer with extreme trepidation.  And frankly not only was I completely disappointed by their offerings I was kind of offended by the fact that other than a few name changes and the people playing the characters were different nothing in the trailer indicates any originality on their part.  One of the reasons the original version was so popular was because no one had seen a teen drama like it before.

Of course I am basing this all on a promo that last all of a minute and forty-three seconds so before casting any more opinions I should probably check out the whole thing when it premieres on January 17, 2011 at 10pm.

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