Big Love: A Seat at the Table

SPOILER ALERT: This was a really sad episode overall. It’s like watching a divorce happen in slow motion and in four parts. This was also a hard episode to write about because it was a lot about religion and falling out. However, I am not religious, and think a lot of it is bologna. Seeing people being torn apart for having different theories on religion is the least of my worries, but it is the life that all these people share. Although I think Margene could easily be non-religious and it wouldn’t change her a bit. Maybe that’s why I like her so much.

This week, Margie is looking for a new outlet for selling from home, but it’s obvious that it will not fill the void she already has. Margie is truly losing herself. After Bill catches Ana trying to convince Margie to leave, she flips out on a Jewel song and proclaims how sad it was that, “she was just a girl who wanted to get out.” Sound familiar? Then she does a little dance to another song and in her breakdown, accidentally knocks down pregnant Ana.  Now Bill thinks that Ana and Goran are a bad influence, but I think it’s the only thing that’s holding her together. She has nothing and she is realizing it. All she has is herself and her three kids. She is realizing that it was a mistake to marry Bill and not focus on her career and education.

Barb is reaching out to her Mom for any sense of reality. She wants back in the church or the groups that are associated with her old church. She might be the one wife that’s sinking the fastest. She lies to Bill though, saying that her Mom asked her to join. Joining the Sunstone group with her Mom has brought her more embarrassment and ridicule than I think she was planning for. Her mom is just really bitter from everything and taking it out on Barb. Barb believes she has the ability to give blessings as well, not just Bill. She almost gives one to Margie to help her feel better, but Nicki walks in. This is just the tip of the iceberg on this story, I think. She is about to muck up everything, I think.

Nicki is starting to get all motherly with Cara Lynn when she wins the Mathletes and Nicki thinks that she has to be all protective for her. She demands that she quit her job, and start getting some tutoring. Cara Lynn has become quite a little grown up though and is sticking up for herself to Nicki. That’s not all that Nicki is sticking her nose in this week. Nicki is just picking on Barb for everything she is struggling with. She is just a little tattle-tell. She even goes to Bill like a little sister and complains that she’s getting away with everything. Although, she has a change of heart by the end of the show.

One of the best scenes in the episode was when all three women went to the store together. When Nicki starts freaking out on everyone and says the worst thing ever to Barb about Sarah and her pregnancy, Barb chokes up and runs off. Poor Barb, she must be thinking, “What am I doing being married to these crazy people?!” Nicki does come around and apologize to Barb and admits that she admires Barb and would be happy if Cara Lynn turned out like Barb. Good to know that she still has a heart.

Bill is networking like a whore even going to a Catholic church for help. He’s even whoring out Barb to get allies on the Hill. Bill is also busy giving money and plane tickets to Ana for her and Goran to both leave the country. I think he is just sending her away to protect Margene, or so he thinks. I think Marg will only get worse after this. Margene really needs some friends and something that is just hers, which would be that friendship. The safety net meeting that Bill sets up for polys just blows up in all the wrong ways, which ends up putting him on the radar to get him impeached for his Polygamy, if the new bill passes. I wouldn’t be totally against this. I think getting involved in politics was stupid to begin with. He may be impeached and then arrested, who knows.

Bill’s Mom is losing her mind. She had a tree fall through her house a while ago, which is still there. She can’t get the UEB to help her fix it. She is also determined that Bill’s Father Frank is up to no good, trying to find her money. I think she might have Alzheimer’s. She also appears in Barb’s house midway through the show and just says something really vague to Barb and then it cuts away. What? I guess we have to wait until next week. Maybe Frank is already dead and she is ready to tell others. Maybe Frank ran away with JoDeen and she has just been living a lie all this time to feel normal.

There is a huge schism occurring in the Hendrickson family, and this is just the crack forming. I feel this show will get much worse, before it gets better. This was such a depressing episode. I have grown so close to all three of these women and to see them all going through their own pain, it makes me cry a little. I think I get the most choked up with Margene, maybe because I feel the most in common with her, maybe because she has just given up so much here. There was one redeeming quality with Bill this week: he let Margene go, if she wanted. He allowed her to leave the family if that was what made her happy. We will have to wait until next week to see if she takes him up on his offer.

I give A Seat at the Table 3 “glasses of shamed wine” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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