Big Love’s Final Season

One thing to be excited about for the year 2011 is the return of HBO’s Big Love. The sad part, however, is that this will be the show’s final season. Bill and his three wives – Barb, Nicki and Margene – return on Sunday, January 16 at 9pm for the fifth and FINAL season.

When the show left off last season, they had just “come out” about being polygamists to the public, and just after Bill had won his seat in office. Don’t forget that they also decided to start a casino with the Native Americans, which brought nothing but trouble.

I know one thing is for sure: this show will go out with a bang. I’m hoping to see a return of Sissy Spacek in her baddie role. I love when she put Bill in his place and put things into perspective. We still haven’t resolved all the trouble that Nikki’s brother Alby is capable of. He has claimed that he can be the next prophet and no one is trying to stop him at this point.

Adaleen has the craziest story continued from last season, utterly crazy! She married JJ, who is a jerk, then got knocked up. Only later, we realize that JJ was stealing eggs from his sister Wanda and using his stuff to fertilize them, then implanting them in women all over the area. Adaleen was just the next one. So, as far as we know, she is pregnant, but will she keep it? She did just burn the father alive in a building.

Margie is still married to Goran for appearances, but starting to have strong feelings for him. He is actively involved with Ana, who Bill intended on making a fourth wife before. Whew, can you keep up here? Nikki’s story is just as screwed up as she is head over heels in love with Bill and now wants him all to herself, while also being conflicted about finding the truth over her father’s death (murder by Joe, Bill’s bro) and her Mother’s pregnancy while she has been having trouble getting pregnant again. These women have already had too many kids!

Barb may be filing for a divorce this season. She is finally stable enough to survive on her own with out Bill and is sick of all his B.S. (as are we). However, she still stood by his side at the end when he was elected. Bill started many endeavors last season and ruined a lot of people’s lives all for the sake of his comfort. If they continue this trend of Bill being an ass, I’m sure he will get his in the end. I am looking forward to this final season and will definitely be tuning in each week to see the madness unfold. Below are some trailers to get you all pumped up for the final season starting Sunday, January 16.

by Angela Davis


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