Lost in Previews: The Conspirator

I am a huge fan of historical, period dramas, and The Conspirator trailer gets me very excited. I got a book when I was little about the Lincoln assassination. There were some disturbing photographs in it. I don’t think I ever read the book, but the photos always intrigued me. Pictures of the group who plotted the assassination and John Wilkes Booth. One of those accused in the plot was the mother of one of members of the assassination group, Mary Surratt.

This film looks like an epic historical film.  Robert Redford directs an impressive cast including Robin Wright (Mary Surratt), James McAvoy (Surratt’s lawyer, Frederick Aiken), Toby Kebbell (John Wilkes Booth), Justin Long, Danny Huston, Alexis Bledel, Evan Rachel Wood (Anna Surratt), Norman Reedus (Lewis Payne), Tom Wilkinson, Jonathan Groff, Kevin Kline (Edwin Stanton), Stephen Root, Shea Whigham, Colm Meaney, and Johnny Simmons (John Surratt).

The Conspirator is in theatres April 2011.

Below are actual photographs of the hangings of the Lincoln conspirators.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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