Podcast: Almost Locals Only After Hours Episode 1

Almost Locals Only After Hours is what happens once we get the hour long Almost Locals Only completed. Its a bit more random and free format than even the usual podcast is.

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Participants on the inaugural edition of Almost Locals Only After Hours were:

John from Lost in Reviews who was joined by our friends from Frothy Girlz Shannon and Nat from The Flick Cast

An hour just wasn’t enough to say what we had to say about the films of 2010. After our top tens we had several honorable mentions, several misfires, and a couple of overlooked guilty pleasures. What were they? Listen to find out as we spend a quick half hour running through the almost best, and worst of 2010.

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Lost in Reviews is based in Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago. The site covers all aspects of entertainment, but tries to focus more on the easily over-looked. Lost in Reviews is the home to the starving filmmaker and indie bands everywhere. If you’re looking for a voice or trying to share in a vision, then Lost in Reviews just may be the place to help you get there. As the tag line for Lost in Translation says: “Everyone wants to be found.” So find yourself Lost in Reviews.

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