Series Premiere of The Cape

On January 9th, 2011 NBC premiered the new superhero drama  The Cape starring David Lyons as Vince Faraday (thanks to Lost every time I hear that last name I can’t help but to picture a skinny, greasy looking guy carrying around a notebook and trying to explain temporal displacement), a cop who has been framed for a series of murders he didn’t commit and is now presumed dead by everyone he knows.  Well everyone except for a group of bank robbing circus performers and a hacker who bares a striking resemblance to Summer Glau, oh wait never mind that is the former Terminator.

Did you laugh at that description?  It’s ok if you did because I laughed at the show and not in a “Hey this is a really funny show” way but in a “You have got to be kidding me” kind of way.  Fifteen minutes in to the first hour of the premiere I was bored and contemplating washing the dinner dishes. Twenty minutes in I was wondering if it was at all possible that the writer was playing this masterful joke on us and had actually intended for the lines to be delivered in the most contrived way possible.  Thirty-four minutes in I gave up and just let it happen.   I mean why fight it?  I already know that I have prejudged the remaining hour and half to be a mindless caricature of a good show so I might as well just sit back and try to enjoy the show.

By letting go of any preconceived notions I may have had in the beginning I was able to embrace the absurdity of it all.   I was able to see it as an over the top cotton candy production that is meant to entertain.  Hey for some of us mocking a tv show, movie, book, and so forth and so on is a form of entertainment, well for me it is.   Oh sure the drama of the wife and child being left behind and having to deal with the fallout of a disgraced cop’s death could have been poignant but I couldn’t help but to think that it would have packed a more emotional punch if Faraday had been accused of killing them and after being assumed dead had vowed to avenge their deaths.  By leaving them alive I can’t help but to wonder if they will eventually be regulated to set dressing.   Even with the flashbacks to happier family fun times they came off as filler.

Perhaps the premiere would have jelled more if they hadn’t tried to establish so many potential story lines or had connected the first hour to the second hour.   Now that I think about  it The Cape would have made a good movie of the week.  That is of course if the second hour was a continuation of the villain story from the first hour.  The good news is that  I don’t think the show is a complete failure.  The bad news is that while I may not view it as a complete failure I also don’t see myself viewing it in the future either.  My final score is:

Cancel It:

This show is the walking dead, so get out your zombie killing tools and end it’s undead existence.

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