SyFy’s Being Human

A vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf walk into a bar.  No, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist, it was too easy.  But seriously folks this show had better not be some twisted version of Twilight.  I can’t take another interpretation of a whiny girl torn between a sparkly rock or a dog whose hobbies include sleeping at the foot of the bed and chasing little rubber balls.

Luckily for me the girl in this threesome is Sally (Meaghan Rath), an incorporeal being who has more important things on her mind, like the fact that she’s dead, than hooking up with one of her roommates.  Who, by the way, have their own issues to focus on. Josh (Sam Huntington), the werewolf, is preoccupied with his “condition” and Aidan (Sam Witwer), the vampire, is just trying to not eat his neighbors.  So no, this isn’t Twilight or that other vampire show currently airing.  Thank the gods.

Being Human was born from a show of the same name that was created and written by Toby Whithouse.   Aside from being created by the same person, the two shows have practically nothing in common.  Oh wait scratch that.  What I meant to say was aside from changing the names from John to Aidan and from George to Josh and Annie to Sally the two pilot episodes are strikingly (and by that I mean in practically every way possible) similar to each other.  I had to admit that in the beginning it made viewing the show mildly discomforting as though I were taking a test and had looked at the teacher’s answer sheet beforehand.  The only reason I didn’t turn it off at the very beginning is because I had this overwhelming urge to see Mark Pellegrino who plays Bishop Aidan’s sire or maker or whatever the hell it is called when you turn someone in to a vampire.  It also didn’t help matters much that I have this bizarre need to support any actor that was once on Veronica Mars.  I know, I know.   

Once I was able to get over the fact that I had indeed seen this show before I was able to just sit back and enjoy the rest of the premiere.   The one thing I found myself enjoying is this version as well as the original is that at no time did I feel they were trying to make it into a sexy and glamorous show.   This was not a love story.  The act of changing into a werewolf is painful and destructive and because it strips the victim of their humanity no one is safe around them including one’s sister who only wants to help.   On the other hand, when Aidan let the vampire side out it was cold and calculating.  This was a monster on the hunt.  There was nothing intriguing or sexy about him when he was feeding.  Which brings us to Sally, a young woman who mysteriously died in her sleep and now finds herself trapped in nothing.  Of all three of them, I find this situation to be the scariest and no, not in the “BOO!” I’m scared way, but in the emotionally scary way.  To be alone and I mean to be truly alone has got to be one of the worst feelings a person could ever have.  So to be a ghost, someone stuck in a world that is moving on without you where all you can do is watch and to never again feel is just tragic.

I agreed with Sally when she told Josh to stop whining because at least he still got to live.  Although I guess like everything else in this world, living is relative.   It will be interesting to see if both the writers and the actors are able to successfully balance both sides.  And even though I have no doubt that the actors chosen to play these roles can do so I can already see how it may be easier to focus on the supernatural side.  Which would be a shame because if done right I could see this version moving out of its predecessor’s shadow and enjoying a life all of it’s own.  My final score is:

DVR it:

Time to start keeping up with this could be classic. If you don’t you’ll have no clue what all the cool kids are taking about.

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