EARTh announces 3rd presentation with The Government Inspector

Kansas City’s EARTh (Equity Actors’ Readers’ Theatre) have announced their third presentation of their inaugural series with Nikolai GoGol’s The Government Inspector. Details about the show taking place one night only on Monday February 21 at 7:30PM at St. Teresa’s Academy/KCYA are included in the press release that follows.

About the Play:
A Recipe for Great Comedy:
Take one corrupt, small-town mayor, a conniving judge who leverages the legal system, an ineffective superintendent of schools who can’t cope with tenured faculty, a boozing post master who reads everybody’s mail, a fumbling hospital administrator who decides it’s most cost effective to “just let Nature take her course.” Add the mayor’s wife with a wandering eye, her daughter who has to fight her mother for the social spotlight, a couple of sassy servants, and a town-full of merchants and tradesmen who are either short-changing customers or bribing their betters.
Now throw in one charming—yet good-for-nothing—scoundrel who happens to be passing through town at the same time that rumors start flying that an important government official has been sent—incognito—from the capital to investigate the affairs of the town. Stir together with a generous portion of mistaken identity, a splash of seduction, a cup of kopeks, and a rasher of rubles and you have the makings for one of the truly classic comedies of all time, Nikolai Gogol’s The Government Inspector.

Political intrigue? Bribery? Moral shallowness? Influence bought and paid for? Judicial malfeasance? Two-faced elected officials? Governmental corruption? Even though this Russian masterpiece was written 175 years ago, it has the flavor of a story “ripped from today’s headlines.”

About the Presentation:
The Government Inspector will be the third presentation of the Inaugural Series of EARTh (Equity Actors’ Readers’ Theatre). Featuring some of the finest professional actors in the Greater Kansas City area, this concert-style stage reading will be presented—one night only—on Monday, February 21, at 7:30PM, in the Music & Art Building on the campus of St. Teresa’s Academy/KCYA, 5601 Wyandotte (between 55th & 57th, between Wornall & Brookside Boulevard), in Kansas City, MO. Ample free parking is available in the lot accessed from 57th Street, between Wyandotte and Main. Admission is free, though donations are welcome and encouraged.

As with all of EARTh’s presentations, the company features—exclusively—Kansas City-area professional Theatre Artists. This cast includes (in alphabetical order): Kevin Albert, Dodie Brown, Rick Brown, Martin Buchanan, Scott Cordes, Michael Dragen, Ray Ettinger, Laurie J. Hamilton, Herman Johanson, Evan Gamsu, Katie Gilchrest, T. Max Graham, Jennie Greenberry, Larry Greer, Melinda MacDonald, Jennifer Mays, Richard Alan Nichols, Ken Remmert, Marshall Rimann, Natalie Weaver, and Darren Kennedy as “the inspector”—or is he? Doug Weaver directs, with Jim Mitchell as Production Stage Manager.

All EARTh readings are presented in association with Kansas City Young Audiences, under the auspices of Actors’ Equity Association’s Member’s Project Code, with the overview of Equity’s Kansas City Area Liaison Committee.

EARTh was formed to feature the extraordinarily talented Kansas City-area Members and Member Candidates of Actors’ Equity Association in magnificent plays that are rarely presented—outside academic theatre—because the production costs (large casts, multiple sets, costumes, etc.) are often prohibitive for a typical professional theatre’s season.

EARTh’s readings are presented on Monday nights—the customary theatre “dark night,” when performances are rarely scheduled. EARTh can, therefore, access the cream of the KC theatre community crop—even while actors and stage managers might be otherwise employed at other local
theatres. Our commitment is to insure that at least 75% of each EARTh cast will be AEA Members and Candidates.

The first reading in EARTh’s Inaugural Series was Jean Giraudoux’s 1945 comic fantasy The Madwoman of Chaillot, presented October 11, 2010. The holiday offering was Kaufman & Hart’s hilarious The Man Who Came to Dinner, December 13. The next presentation will be Paddy Chayefsky’s Gideon, April 11.

All of EARTh’s presentations are performed under AEA’s Member’s Project Code: no admission can be charged and there are no ticket sales. Instead, donations are accepted (and encouraged) at the door and all of the donations are then shared equally among all of the Equity Members and Candidates in the Company of any given EARTh presentation.

Contributions are also sought to help defray the numerous overhead expenses for each presentation—production rights, script purchases, script enlarging and photo-copying, rental of the hall, program printing, concessions, etc. To help underwrite EARTh presentations and to ensure their continuance, individuals or institutions who wish to make in-kind or cash donations are asked to contact Kip Niven at Your support will be graciously received.

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