Movie Review: Hall Pass

Hall Pass offers lots of laughs but always walks a fine line to please the woman in every man’s life. Generally, lots of movies do this. You know, the men in these movies are always dumb and funny, but ultimately can’t wipe their own ass with out their loving wife by their side. Hall Pass buys right into this theory as the men have gone too far with their vulgar sense of humor and horny wandering eyes and the wives have reached their limit with making excuses for them. Rick and Fred (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis respectively) are given a one week hall pass from their wives to do anything they like with out any consequences afterward. A way to sow their wild oats if you will. In reality, a lot of men would have used this week more wisely in order to guarantee the taste of a new cow before their deadline. Rick and Fred, however, are a couple of bumbling idiots that struggle to find their wild side end up going through some crazy experiences they will never forget.

By far, Sudeikis was the standout comedy for the film and felt like a classic Farrelly Brothers’s character. I love Owen Wilson in most of his roles and perhaps that’s what guided the Farrelly Brothers to put him in the role of Rick, the kinder, more sensitive man in the group. Afterall, Rick is the one that makes the “right” choice in the end that will make all women swoon and smack their husband, if they are more like Fred.

The Farrelly Brothers’ sense of humor is definitely one of a kind with hits like There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself and Irene. Hall Pass is no exception with hilarious scenes like that of the group of guys eating some pot brownies while attempting to golf and their golf-mate and friend Hog-Head taking a dump in the sand bunker and attempting to cover it up like a cat.

Let’s not forget about the women as they provide quite a few laughs as well. The wives Maggie and Grace are played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. Christina gave more laughs but Jenna’s character was more lovable. They both had a good friendship on screen and seemed to have a good chemistry with their husbands, at least the little bit we see them together. Most of the film takes place through the week of the hall pass, so the girls are staying out of town with the kids and the men stay in town and peruse the local Applebee’s for cougars.

Most of the smaller characters served their purpose: to make you laugh. In particular, Stephen Merchant, who played Gary, was hilarious. You might recognize him from his work with Ricky Gervais. He works the awkward, nerdy angle so perfect and I just wanted to see more of him. The coffee shop boy started out that way, but as they continued his character through the film, I was ready to say goodbye to him.

Now, besides one big flaw in the film,¬† I had a really good time with it. The big flaw I am speaking of is a tanning issue. When the girls left the house and the guys, they had a normal skin tone to them. The next time we see them, we can assume they have spent one day out at in the sun where they are staying, but they both have such dark skin, you would have thought they were stuck out at sea for a week. It was a bit distracting. So, if you are looking for a good comedy that is NOT kid-friendly, you found it with Hall Pass. I will warn you that it gets a little gross in the third act, but then if it didn’t, could you really call it a Farrelly project?

I give Hall Pass 3 “larger than life members” out of 5


by Angela Davis

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