We are the joke: INNERPARTYSYSTEM at The Riot Room

It has been a while since I have sat down at this high-powered typing machine and things feel different; things are no longer fun and optimistic. It used to be I knew how to separate the fun and enjoyment of a Tuesday night music event from my gloomy political obsession. I used to enjoy cheap whiskey while I’d watch a band play a show, then go home and write a fun story with the remnants of that same enjoyed emotion. It was real gentleman journalist work, it was music and bizarre storytelling, but then somehow everything became a CNN headline. I will never lie and say I’m not an addict and my drug is politics and as any junkie will tell you sometimes your drug will turn on you and affect your work. I could no longer hear music. I could only think “What will America be like if 2012 brings us another war monger?  And what does that mean for us in the too much fun club?” But it seems there is hope for the doomed and I found it at The Riot Room with INNERPARTYSYSTEM and a eight dollar beer.

The Riot Room was packed with awkward people that had no idea how to deal with electronic dance music, the majority of them came for two songs that they liked to bounce their head to in the car while the radio was on. Seeing INNERPARTYSYSTEM was the crowd’s first taste of having the urge to start moving in impulsive ways to powerful beats and letting your brains turn to gel and even as I could see this urge in the crowd’s eyes, they were just too sober to let themselves give into these impulses. It felt like a crime, the music said rave and the fans said rock concert. I wanted to scream “I’ve been robbed of a sweating good time!” I tried just to focus on the performance by INNERPARTYSYSTEM, these guys were professionals, they knew their craft and they were great at it.The band members played their instruments with their whole bodies, they were the kind of musicians that only needed three good fans screaming their lyrics back at them to get them in a fiery rage.

That was the moment where I realized I should take a cue from them. No matter what kind of people I was around I was going to have a great time. No matter what political atmosphere we live in I’m going to forget about it for now and play hard because after all it was almost midnight and INNERPARTYSYSTEM was booming in my ear. The sounds the band were making were breathtaking, my body felt so light as I jumped in the air. I didn’t know ninety percent of the songs but my movements said, “I want more drums, I want more boom!”  I was briefly interrupted when I realized “Oh yeah, I know that guy with the camera wearing a kilt” but only for a moment because I could hear low rumblings that could only be the start of “American Trash”.

I erupted and so did every soul in the room, hearing everyone sing the song made me feel a great sense of irony. I felt we were all looking in a mirror and laughing at ourselves but didn’t know why. We are the joke but I cannot say I have seen such a well performed joke. INNERPARTYSYSTEM somehow took the American ignorance that we all take part in, one way or the other, and turned it into a great song, and an even better live performance, one of the best I have seen as a matter of fact.

INNERPARTYSYSTEM gets 5 “All-American un-recycled Super-sized McDonald’s Cups” out of 5.

Photos by Angela Davis
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