Lost in Previews TV Edition: First look at Terra Nova

You have got to hand it to Fox they really know how to build suspense on one of their shows.  All it took initially was a few words to start the intrigue train rolling on the new show produced by uber-producer/director Steven Spielberg.  Even at his suckiest he is above the rest in terms of quality entertainment.   Then a well placed 31 second promotional trailer during the biggest televised event of the year and bam we have turned a potentially cheesy show about dinosaurs into the most anticipated show of the year.  Yeah you have got to hand it to Fox they really know what they are doing and from the looks of the 31 second trailer they have “spared no expense”.  Let’s just hope the remaining 45 minutes and 30 seconds of the premiere episode follows the same path.

Terra Nova centers around the Shannon family who join a group of settlers who travel 85 million years into the past in order to help save the human race.  The new series stars Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars), Stephen Lang (Avatar),  Shelley Conn (Mistresses), Landon Liboiron (Degrassi), and Allison Miller (17 Again) and premieres on Fox over two nights beginning on May 23rd 9pm Eastern Time.

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