Mad Love

Is any one other than me strangely excited to see Jason Biggs on the small screen?  I have always felt that he would be better here than on the big screen.  Judy Greer on the other hand is jaw-droppingly amazing any where you put her so I am just glad we get her back.  And as far as Tyler Labine and Sarah Chalke go, well all I have to say to that is…Yipee!  The new CBS comedy Mad Love is about 4 New Yorkers; 2 of which are single and cynical while the other two meet and fall in love.  Let the comedy hi-jinx ensue.  Seriously though Mad Love is probably a perfect fit for the CBS Monday line up.

Do you ever wonder if there is such thing as too cute?  I do all the time.  And let’s just say Mad Love teeters so close to the too cute edge that it is practically wrapped in pink chiffon and surrounded by rainbows.  Luckily for cynics like me it manages to keep itself from going over by balancing the cute with the cynical and sharp-witted talents of Tyler and Judy or as they will soon come to be known as Larry and Connie.  For those who didn’t watch Monday’s premiere episode Larry is Ben’s best friend and although he doesn’t dismiss the idea of true love out right he doesn’t believe it happens for guy’s like him.  Connie just happens to be Kate’s best friend and Larry’s female counterpart.  The Bitchy McBitchersons have arrived to spread a little malcontent on our Monday nights.

By now you may be wondering who exactly are Ben and Kate to which if this were an actual conversation I would just ask you to rewind to the beginning of the conversation when I informed you of the stars of the show were and to use your brilliant means of deduction.  (Forgive my tone it is 2:34 in the morning as I write this and I still have around 4 hours of work left to go).  However since this is not a “typical” form of conversation, for those of you who lack deducing skills Ben and Kate are played by none other than Jason and Sarah.  See I told you it was easy to figure out.   Ok enough “snarkasm”.  Ben and Kate define cute.  From the way they met (at the top of the Empire State building, gag me) to their perfectly tousled hair (not once in my life has my hair ever, ever looked effortlessly good) they just scream CUTE!

But like I said before (If you can’t remember scroll up) Mad Love is a perfect addition to CBS on Monday night.  Light, breezy, and fun to look at.  My final rating is:

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Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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