The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Casting News (Updated 2/9/11)

If you have been living under a rock, you may not know of the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest).  Originally written in Swedish, the books have been translated into many languages and have been or are bestsellers.  The Swedish versions of all three books have already been made and released in Europe.  So far, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (now on DVD) and The Girl Who Played With Fire (now in theatres) have made it to the US.  Because of the success of the books and the movies, the US is getting its very own remakes of the films.  The two main characters of the book had the perfect Swedish actors for the parts.  Noomi Repace played Lisbeth Salander, and Michael Nyqvist played Mikael Blomkvist.  If you have read the books and have seen the movie(s), you probably agree.

David Fincher is directing the first film, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and the buzz about who will be cast as the book characters, especially Lisbeth and Mikael, has been high.  Here is a rundown of the characters and who has been cast or rumored to be cast for each.  I will update this post as new cast members are announced.

UPDATE 10/7/10 It was discovered today via a Swedish website called SVD that had interviewed David Fincher that three more actors have joined the cast.  Joely Richardson, Steven Berkoff, and David Dencik are on board, but the interview does not say who each of the actors are playing.  So we will just have to guess . . . David Dencik is Swedish and he was in the original The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo where he played Janne Dahlman.  I am wondering if he will reprise the same character or be getting a bigger part.  I will move these names to the correct characters once we have confirmation.

Update 1/7/11 – Trent Reznor will be doing the music for the film just like he did for Fincher’s The Social Network. (via Consequence of Sound Twitter @coslive)

Mikael Blomkvist – At first Brad Pitt looked like a shoo-in for the role due to his previous work with Fincher.  However, Daniel Craig has been confirmed to playing Mikael.  I for one was glad it was Craig and not Pitt.  Brad is way too good looking to play Mikael.

Lisbeth Salander –  This is the major role that is still up for grabs, but is said to be in the final stages of auditions, with hair, makeup, and costumes.  Ellen Page, Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Emily Browning, and Katie Jarvis have all been named currently or in the past to be up for the role.  Reports have the decision coming down to four actresses: Rooney Mara, Lea Seydoux, Sarah Snook, and Sophie Lowe.  However, Emily Browning , Ellen Page, and Katie Jarvis are still mentioned to still be in the running.  It should be said that fans wanted Noomi Repace to reprise her role, but she said she would not want to do it again.  UPDATE: Rooney Mara has been cast.

Erika Berger – Robin Wright (Penn) is rumored to be in talks to play Erika.  This is now confirmed on IMDB.

Martin Vanger – Stellan Skarsgård has received a concrete offer and is in negotiations for this role.  This is now confirmed on IMDB.

Young Martin Vanger – Alexander Skarsgård has been mentioned by the fans if his father, Stellan, gets cast.  I think he is a little old for the part, but you never know.

Henrik Vanger – UPDATE 9/29/10: Christopher Plummer has been cast as the patriarch of the Vanger family. Source

Anita Vanger – update 12/19/10 Joely Richardson is playing Anita according to IMDB.  This a welcome casting as the original Swedish film omitted her from the story, and I thought it was such a small part, why not keep her in?

Harriet Vanger – update 12/19/10 There is some discrepancy with casting of this role.  IMDB lists Moa Garpendal for the role, but Just Jared had a scoop saying that Alexandra Daddario got the role.

Cecilia Vangerupdate 12/19/10 Geraldine James is playing Cecilia according to IMDB.

Dragan ArmanskyUPDATE 2/9/11Nikki Finke aka Deadline NY broke news that ER alum Goran Visnjic is playing the head of Milton Security.

Nils Bjurman – no actor yet

Dirch Frodeupdate 1/7/11 Stephen Berkhoff

Detective Morell update 1/7/11 David Dencik

David Fincher is keen on directing all three movie adaptations, which may mean a back-to-back shooting schedule.  Noomi Repace has said that the Swedish trilogy took a year to shoot.  Fincher and production company, Sony, are planning on keeping the films a hard R rating, which is in line with scenes shown in the Swedish trilogy.   New screenplays will be written for the American versions, and I have heard that they may be closer to the book than the other movies.  It is hard to adapt a book to a movie and keep all of the plot elements intact, but there were some things missing from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that could have been easily left in.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is already set to be released December 21, 2011.

Sources: Arrow in the Head, Joblo, Deadline, IndieWire

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